For i see a tree behind a house made of clouds a slow whisper entrapped beneath the soil that never moves an inch a state of wellness only getting harrowed we live like a static voice losing the soft cotton-like warmth each day where the bells pause to chime. We come across rooms full of… Continue reading Imaginations

A stich of memory

i am white & floaty like clouds. thick sheets of molasses. Old lavender strings hanging on my chest. i am a convex memory of wax. flashback of old days speak to me, like vintage numbers, vintage photos, vintage walls & laughters. i have a thing with people. i mark and eat them along with the… Continue reading A stich of memory

Recent Trends

Some people I see these days are like broken paragraphs of my poetry with a missing meter and inconsistent gravity Detonation of disgust pits and addition of volatile vodka stammers my insipid vision. Half moon, half-blood, half mouth covered, like a decomposition of the great Odyssey. Some people these days are like Vintage tributes( but… Continue reading Recent Trends


That’s life. Run among the Autumn leaves. Run among your cascading bruises. The skin that is swollen now, the eyes which are full of jaundice, even if fingernails fall. Run. Beneath the tree, under the valley, rub your scars, screech, shout, rub your scars again till you faint , naked facing the mirror of life.… Continue reading Circle

As You Lay Dying

How many dark spots do you have, Lizards and crocodile scream to see you knitting lips on lips. Papers mock your hubris hands Ruffles and hibernation In the planets of chivalry in the swamp of lies I see your lies and eyes, A corrosion of rock. I am a piece of molten clock and Your… Continue reading As You Lay Dying


Between the crooked lines and my deaf poetry, i hear raspberry bowl of emptiness swinging onto my anklet the sourness, the bitterness strike right here in the perimeter of earthly images, a vague amplifier going berserk silence, noises, screams, Pause. I am a stained tea- coaster, resting on your blue table i crave a coffin… Continue reading Cease

A naked Observation

    Forbid me from not inviting you to the dinner tonight, The reservations are kept clean and precise We shall make Spaghetti Arrabiata and will murmur talks. Talks about new locality, a lamenting voice of new priests doing exorcism Surrounding my pesky air, claps and thunder shall be mixed in your wine A charcoal dust… Continue reading A naked Observation