A spotless sight

“I see nothing”- Virginia Woolf There lies a bed of moisture. purple hearbeats uttering a syllable of nothingness. They talk about mad- men, apples and half eaten berries. For I see wet pastures of land, moist like mother’s bosom, fresh and pure. i see a dot placed in the universe, a huge platter of yellowContinue reading “A spotless sight”


i hear jars of jasmine in the pale moonlight singing and swallowing the day’s lie the fallen mask of scalded hearts. the night has a belly of jam and butter smooth, a swamp of blood moons. a feverish rush of adrenaline, saying chants to hypnotize. I hit 3k Subscribers today. Thank you all for showingContinue reading “Moonlight”

Journey so far

A year and a half now on this beautiful platform which gave me an opportunity of sharing my writings and reading some brilliant work too. I want to take a moment and say how grateful I am to all the lovely people here who never fail to encourage and support me. A lot happened duringContinue reading “Journey so far”

As You Lay Dying

How many dark spots do you have, Lizards and crocodile scream to see you knitting lips on lips. Papers mock your hubris hands Ruffles and hibernation In the planets of chivalry in the swamp of lies I see your lies and eyes, A corrosion of rock. I am a piece of molten clock and YourContinue reading “As You Lay Dying”


Like fresh breaths and cinnamon aroma I wrapped your almond curve of palms, preserving it into my oceanic eyes Monsoon lilies. Iterative Petrichors. I swallowed your words,an Orion of kisses Only to know you will chop the slices of apple, bit by bit Smudging the sweetness, smudging the rhythms, smudging my dreams.

Some things to say!!#3

Allright so my dear readers this is a kind of reminder to all to please know the importance of this blogging community. I am here to write down my emotion through my poetry and prose and on the way I have met splendid writers which I really look forward to. But off late I haveContinue reading “Some things to say!!#3”

Some things to say!

Hola dear readers! How is your life? Mine is full on sucking with no grace whatsoever.Like literally sucking! I just wanted to take a moment and be gracious to all those who nominated me for many awards, as much as I am honoured I wanted to say that mine is an award free blog so pleaseContinue reading “Some things to say!”