Where do I stick flowers now?The empty faces,the mundane eyes. The silhoutte of a dark rivershifting its path across my face,turn by turn; Where do I paint red shades of sunset now?A myth of potpourri,a lake of setting cold nostrils. I pray and repeat my rituals,a soothsayer of my belly now,a tale forgotten.A night of… Continue reading Sunburn

Please read this.

Hello dear readers, I have no clue how to begin this but I definitely feel sad to see how people on this lovely community are showing lack of interaction on my blog. I understand, how I was not always there to read all your lovely posts as I was caught up in the releasing/ promoting… Continue reading Please read this.

A rescue poem.

i come to places where i can stich a notion to my entire body of chemicals. Strange things happen here. A women die each day/ there are ways and methods for it/ a loop of sorrow sinks like an abortion. And a mist encircles my eyebrow, like a wide corridor collapsing. i visit places that… Continue reading A rescue poem.

A women’s spring

i have a mouth of needles and feet like albumen, peppermint walks of my body deliver a soft voice, I squeak often and break like vintage china, leaking is the catharsis, moon or the sun, we leak sideways. Ferment tales on my pillows, sliding a perforated cup of talks to my own self, (my own… Continue reading A women’s spring


That’s life. Run among the Autumn leaves. Run among your cascading bruises. The skin that is swollen now, the eyes which are full of jaundice, even if fingernails fall. Run. Beneath the tree, under the valley, rub your scars, screech, shout, rub your scars again till you faint , naked facing the mirror of life.… Continue reading Circle

The way- I am

do you remember the blues penetrating my veins of penumbra stoic sheets? your cutting voice of thunder like a thorn poking my chiselled neck & colour my white skin turning weird a stinking smell of appearance & a missing map between cities. cities of loss, cities of despair. And i danced in the hollows of… Continue reading The way- I am

How I count my soul

a birthmark & a taboo i am a lavish smile of smirk you incubated me & my head with soils of murder and hatred sins of monster & coal of coals. to kiss your dark soul i swim like a starfish, concurrent currents floating inside my solitary knee-bone see it, feel it, sniff it chop… Continue reading How I count my soul

Salt water mixed with air

My squinting eyes evolve and illuminate the seeds and seedlings of us. Germination and hibernation. It’s stillness spinning on my cracking bones and lips. Thunders push forward my footprints, marking sand and sand-dunes of time like a canopy or translucent umbrella of opaque dreams. It’s treacherous. Banal and vixen kisses to tell you. The door-knobs… Continue reading Salt water mixed with air

Submit to Blood Into Ink

Blood into ink is a safe place for all the unheard voices of Survival and brave souls. Anyone who has suffered the cruelty or has been traumatized can submit their writings to the submission page of this bold journal. We would love to spread your voice and words. Its a place for all the courageous… Continue reading Submit to Blood Into Ink


“Paper has more patience than People” I have heard enough about the grey letters dancing, leaping on the white pure sheets, I have seen her tears also pooling up inch by inch and forming a galaxy at each side of the page Turgescent drops of ice circulates, rhymes and drops as she swipes the cotton… Continue reading Voices.

Wheels Of Fortune

    Wheels of fortune like sour grapes, apple tumbling my spirits. Spirits of fire, unflinching A ball of reveries, undiscovered. Musty halcyon, a penumbra of elixir. A soft cushion, a soothing balm. The nectar of hubris dreams, drooling in the breeze, a nimbus of dark clouds, an array of shooting stars, Wheels of Fortune… Continue reading Wheels Of Fortune

Time is Me

Needles in my mouth, poking the sustenance of time with a swab of cotton dipped in grey pause A pause from the rigorous living and the dead, beyond the veil, a harmony exists, a topology of Stardust covering my naked breast. A musical building devouring me with lust sprinkling some on the nape of my… Continue reading Time is Me

Rise and Heal

– Like autumn leaves my words are shredded into the oblivious basket of doleful cracked souls. I rise once again, hoping for a falling star and collecting its reminiscence into my insipid hair, only to emboss the flaws and flourish with my insecurities.     Rise and heal. ¬©my valiant soul

For I am a Woman.

 I am a protrusion of rose, hiding the black spot of the moon in my valour that rises white dandelions on your skin. My finger bones creak my virtues, giving a red shade to the once grey shadow for I am a Woman, invincible like mammoth stars, I seek, I wander through the rim of… Continue reading For I am a Woman.

A place like this

The epitome of peach shaped markings, Defining the extended fields of valour and hope, Drooling in my walnut bones, Mingling in my solitary ebb, Lies inside a place where my mother Wakes me up from a cascading nightmare. To the jubilant staircase of rainbow meadows, To catch an intrepid molecule of a butterfly Then to… Continue reading A place like this

The sweet innocent Palm.

The shambolic evening sings music With petals of petunia in my thigh I mock at the hypocrite crowd The masked souls, enough of charcoal tonight I shall burst my bubbles of insanity you say, for I am home to wild hills Where the temple bell sing jingles to my arteries Sinking in my color, the… Continue reading The sweet innocent Palm.