What we made out of Memories

Prompt- Forgotten Technology This goes beyond the tampered noises that prevail today silence ruffle under the sheets of abrupt behaviour. If I talk, let me talk to you about the mottled photos of yesterday’s yellow sun a wildflower blooming under my chin spreading across the lunatic nights of hum Death too had come on manyContinue reading “What we made out of Memories”

A vintage truth

Photographs are blurred memories, of faked, chipped, plastered walls cracking like walnuts, eating its own body- Walls & bones dissolving inside the tooth of dust, memories can be fatal, if picturized or vandalised. All memories collide inside flaky cheeks producing abhorrence of stars, photographs stick like a parasite to your naked soul & exposes theContinue reading “A vintage truth”


Circulation of stars was more familiar during those sincere days when our bodies felt the lust, the smitten rose kiss, the dandelion slaps on our naked, yellow tongues. Telephones were intriguing, for addiction kills. Fingernails did not chap, broken things did mend. Inside the tubes of bars, ladies enjoyed with a brew of solace andContinue reading “Contrast”

A naked Observation

    Forbid me from not inviting you to the dinner tonight, The reservations are kept clean and precise We shall make Spaghetti Arrabiata and will murmur talks. Talks about new locality, a lamenting voice of new priests doing exorcism Surrounding my pesky air, claps and thunder shall be mixed in your wine A charcoal dustContinue reading “A naked Observation”