We need to have something to hold on

I have thought of inculcating a better routine for this month now. I am happy to have my poems accepted in a few magazines as I thought would be doing for the month of March and I am not writing much. So, it’s okay actually! So, each month I would sit along with my journal… Continue reading We need to have something to hold on


Between the crooked lines and my deaf poetry, i hear raspberry bowl of emptiness swinging onto my anklet the sourness, the bitterness strike right here in the perimeter of earthly images, a vague amplifier going berserk silence, noises, screams, Pause. I am a stained tea- coaster, resting on your blue table i crave a coffin… Continue reading Cease

Sunday and Breakfast

Here, I speak the truth to you, the lies of occupation in appealing people’s sorrow and the green urban dirt— a ghastly deduction of smiles makes me a crooked vase of emptiness. Monday: oh, it pours the spikes in my stomach and churns the pancreas till the heart bleeds. Saturday: a monotonous tone of soils… Continue reading Sunday and Breakfast