a forgotten memory

I am a forgotten memory with a quiet mouth of a clock( a chain that clogs my neck) a forgotten yellow tainted page, blank as an ocean. These people i see, i smile at my own hands, my own chin, my deep purple intense eye(i know it has an intense shape of a flower) softly… Continue reading a forgotten memory

Last Single Existence

I am silvered and stickered in the blue’s of despair hunting my scalp down to the ankle stain, recidivating, collapsing For the roads are a summer breeze tropical, slapping my coarse breast the humming is repetitive. like insanity clicking Artless. Viscous walks defy my extinction. The roars and shouts, scrapping my last single bit of… Continue reading Last Single Existence

Invincible for Once

Infront of me I see a stack of leaves, dwindling in the joyous cool breeze The neem tree singing its prayer, A prayer to soothe my skin. The petals of pink orchid thrum the formidable chants of love, I listen and absorb the essence into my cloud-like body. I hear whistles of raindrops, I hear… Continue reading Invincible for Once

A Parasite.

  In the alcoholic eyes of mine, I choked on your divine name knitting dreams of your dreary arms I kissed my own grave. Sordid, papable walks confine me now Cold hemisphere, stifle my pharynx. What more I desire from the bleeding roses of lost hope? I am back in my own dirt now. Clustered… Continue reading A Parasite.