The existence of an unknown-

Finger’s spread through walls licking the green fear a moist mayhem spreading onto my chest chewing the dead society people give names to my existence a continous dreary process I feel oblong and circular shouts rummaging through the ceiling fire in my neck, movements occur as pulse during the time curtain of this thought who… Continue reading The existence of an unknown-

My body underneath

You- a nectar of the moon,gliding through the gleaming sheets of orange moansatop my waistthat slips through your feetand a long stare-a reverie of blooming seasonshorizontal touches of galaxy,A walnut cracks open, a fidget through the bones a sweet summer song- soil, soil,soil I see raindrops through my belly, now-a grasshopper twirling through the toesyou-… Continue reading My body underneath

A landscape-

the rivers that speak of us, warmer bodies nectars of jasmine and hibiscus- a lady from photograph, biting a strange loneliness sitting onto her bosom a strange memory of distilled longings- a lady that sulks and pronounce everything watery, dreams of wildfire and river-beds I travel through her caricature, her oblong drifting fingers, eyes of… Continue reading A landscape-


Longings My days are cryptic with mellow songs sunflowers pressed on my bosom, on my chest. My days are usually full of lies and loneliness with a wildflower travelling through my veins, Where a mind refuses to sleep, a haunted manor of poetry painted carpets a garden of lover’s daydream At sunsets I visit temples,… Continue reading Longings

The Awakening-

If I could,I would evaporate through your moutha doorawy to dreamsand tiny dots-wild mushrooms dancing atop our bodiesas if we have trapped the moon in our eyelids-eyelids that do not utter a word, flowers on terrace,static noises we scratch water with nails,dirt on our palmsto know the film of our memoryfloating in the lakethrough breasts,… Continue reading The Awakening-

The sad picture-

It’s about us. Our static atmosphere which keeps changing its dimension. Through the clandestine mouths of river and a dark cloud. At times, there is nothing but a tainted shadow our love growing a thick layer of fungus. We grow, anyway. We grow and talk about the leftover meals, the swollen flowers of our garden,… Continue reading The sad picture-


The collarbone cracks open, a petal of your name, a thick cloud of lust sounds that speak only of splitted grass I see you and I think oh ‘home’ honey-suckled touch, tongues: tongues interwined into sheets of desire of lukewarm, misted talks about us and hopes to stay. It is Summer now, a season of… Continue reading Summer-

sense of staying- a poem

Hi, Welcome to my poetry world yet again. I guess we all have no better solution rather than staying positive and hopeful. I am glad to feel this positive vibe yet again after all that India has been through and is still dealing. I am trying to do as much as I can and that… Continue reading sense of staying- a poem

Understanding Poetry

How much is too much? Inosculate, squalid words on your sheet the layers that speak of my heavy mind are supposed to be easy to ingest? How? The air is as pellucid as my eye of misery. but the words do not stop here the words do not stick just to the head there is… Continue reading Understanding Poetry

This Moment

Inspired by- Eavan Boland A balcony. Brewed tea. Things are getting ready. a neighbour folds her dried out clothes. Another vendor strolls across the streets. Oranges and papayas , he screams. Stars and moon, things become raw at night. Opaque tunes of the clouds distorting, things pause as the sun sets in. This moment, a… Continue reading This Moment

Falling Dream

I am quiet too oftenlike the empty hallways,humming a song already forgottenwith a tilting toe towards the suna sigh: pink fingers dipped in paina sigh: pink fingers dipped in hallucination there is a staircase nowfalling beneath my parting headhalf towards left, half towards rightdays whistling on sea wavesabout my country in flames,about my city in… Continue reading Falling Dream

lady in white

  I know of a lady in whitewith a mouth full of promises,spreading a nocturnal path of flowers,like a longed kiss above the eye,a lady that slips in my chest,within the small rim of my fist,a sniff so wild, a mouth that dwells on mountains moist.a lady with a potato peel,with cardigans and wool on… Continue reading lady in white

My newsletter- Tiny Letter

Dear all, Thank you for always reading my work on WordPress. My love for you all will always be huge. Though it would mean a lot if you can subscribe to my tiny letter newsletter. I would be sharing some beautifully curated poetry of some great poets/ articles/ artworks and it shall also have insights… Continue reading My newsletter- Tiny Letter

On Dreams

Night breaks apart like thousand skies on Earth with a hint of mauvish whisper the whisper spills everywhere enveloping things around me. Dreams create illusion of being permanent of sticking to the odd times with a mayhem stuck to the air. You would wish to sit and digest each tiny aspect of dreams with a… Continue reading On Dreams

A blank slate

I do not need a bowl of salvation for i see people dying each day the walls of fragile mind separating recklessly. Florals of weak mind abstain from blooming as it was never a state of peace. As I write this poetry I weep I weep thinking of my existence of the silences that creates… Continue reading A blank slate