25 thoughts on “Wild

  1. Hi. You’re not a full stop. We are nothing but words that chain up but never clasp. An epic journey of words that matter and don’t matter, an epitome of love a human can hold in his or her heart. A beautiful laughter that can touch souls. A cry that can set everything right. A smile that can make others smile. We’re a ever flowing waterfall that keeps falling with the ferocity of Niagara. Perhaps, I shouldn’t be comparing us with Niagara at all. Cause, we are nothing but infinite, incomparable and undefeatable. Have a grip lady. You’re more than a complete sentence. But when they say, all that begins has to end, I guess they’ve forgotten that this universe has been there since a very very long time and so will be our life even if it is limited by the aspect of death. But, who knows what happens to the souls that leave. Don’t they continue to flourish?

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    • Omg! You are such a darling.I wrote that and immediately deleted it thinking(don’t know what).But once again, I am relieved to know that I just need to hang in there.You know sometimes these moments just feel like killing us.
      You were so thoughtful to actually inspire me enough.
      Thanks, love.

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  2. Full Stop: Don’t hesitate to take a break when you need one.
    Let’s you think, collect your thoughts, and gain perspective.
    And then you can come back with the renewed energy and the positive focus
    that feels right to you.
    Have a nice evening Devika.

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