The itch

the itch,the orange glass ceilings always fail my existence,an inhuman thing sinks beneath my eyelidswalking abruptly, in patterns unknown,there are things which makes no sensea loose river like madnessa loose butter like sky slipping from my white hands,my hands which are now counting the marks of my footprintsmaking a spiral knot about this moments,this momentary… Continue reading The itch

The noise

The noise, I hear it from the shallow bush beneath my feet. Drop by drop. The noise of silence. an embalmed kiss of spewing night an old lady combing the hair, zig-zag, the ghosts on the staircase, too flimsy, often too blatant. I sometimes think and sniff the ink of other poets, the others; who… Continue reading The noise

The Look

  I remember the absurdness of clouds spread over my head, hovering. Blue lilies dancing in the sky. A quiet place of porous Gods. I would stare at the sky, releasing my chemical reactions in the thin air. My orange vase neck, oscillating between the concrete human eye and the prism of soil. I would… Continue reading The Look


Quietly, the wind comes, transforming into a pointed dagger of a muse. The murdered landscape of colors bleeding, trying to ingest the muse. A quarrel between violet homes defeated and uprooted. Unfurling stitches of dead mouths. Colors deformed. Bright neons & curled blues. A white sky now turned red, opaque. This space, an empty eye.… Continue reading Unfurl

A day like this

Another day has gone. I sit and pray like a maniac, with a white smile, you can count on. I prepare breakfast and prepare a story to tell. I prepare so many wild things often. Bricks on bricks, and soft wool of tales. You left like a reptile in a hibernation. with floors slipping beneath… Continue reading A day like this

Things I like to do

“this is the easy time, there is nothing doing”- Sylvia Plath Cherries and quieter moments basking in the volatile spur of the moment and there I sit and gulp your madness your cold, hot waxy madness. I wonder, how you eat my skin in the noon, with a cheek of sublime apple, water ripple flushing… Continue reading Things I like to do

As I watch

  There is color alchemy. yellow, yellow pavements calling me to collapse. And there is a bowl, I see reflection, ripples, colors again. some old memoirs. a hush and a loud roar. The wind occupies the ecosystem, The shapes of water signs as if dancing swiftly. The sensuous textures I see in the waters. Crystals,… Continue reading As I watch


this moon does to me what spring does to me. the serendipity of lost lovers, aching inside a tubewell of noises. numb eyes, pink lips. a lover’s greet. beneath the shadow of the piroutte moon, something surreal occurs, a mother runs, runs like a fever. a wife declutters her soul. a tongue becomes colorless. and… Continue reading silhouette

Foul- sweet things

a soft satin kiss it happened before and it happened today, i lay on the sides of my kitchen sink thinking the arrival and departure of my husband, arrival of his velvet mouth that utters a chain of lantern. he is adorable, like the moon. he has his own mood, often. the purgatory of life… Continue reading Foul- sweet things

Understanding it all

i want to grow like trees and shrubs, with my soft lids still on, pages rustle my thick blood often, a sound to hum i want to take everything in at once, moisture, dry breeze slapping my jaws everything like sleeping beauty. thick sheets of frozen memories are bizzare, i know it. i understand. still… Continue reading Understanding it all

Living with poetry

  Each day i grow poetry out of my stillborn toes where words drip honey, moisture and powder to evolve, Words.   They rotate inside my iris, whirlpooling like catharsis. Inch by inch, shifting like the moon, embossing the sky, they perch on orchids, to suck nectar, to suck poetry from there. And I see and… Continue reading Living with poetry

Autumn returns

Autumn reminds me of things untouched, glass window, stains on the broken leaves, cup and cigars, molasses of thunder I bend and whiff the rosemary bowl of smells, incessant yearning smell of dear darling a voice of hypnotic fluid, lush green in my blood Chewing lemon grass like an ant of wisdom, i pick and… Continue reading Autumn returns

to defy time

i sit outside in the incensed moon, galloping my swallow droplets of fear, a knuckle breaking knuckle, what’s the fear of this cricket chirping? the modals of life. these hands are burrows of islands, small and large, a heightened hue of black spot. I sit and inhale the ambiguity here, the cracks on the white… Continue reading to defy time

Vacant voices

A moment elongates itself like a thick sleet of froth thin as a membrane often, it’s a horrible need to ingest the petals something that slits the skin and tongue, watch the phantom of atmosphere, how incorrigible swirl waft the cheekbones. Often voices stuff my vacant rooms with leftover light. Voices like “Oh you love”…voices… Continue reading Vacant voices