The flight

Where does it go? Your unspoken word of lust, an ensemble of parched dancing words, Do you let them run? Or do you absorb the guilt, like a sponge? Harvest the other sides of pixie lawn now, Run… run along the shores embossing a pain onto the sand. Among the stars is a paper flowerContinue reading “The flight”

How do I smell poetry?

Step 1. Enter a room full of dark metaphors, Stir the analogy with the half baked synonyms trying to disturb your mind. Stir further, this thought process so ablaze. Wake up to small neutrons, amorphous floating protons, Multiplying, quietly. Step 2, Unfurl your sins in each room. Step by step, take a needle and startContinue reading “How do I smell poetry?”

An ode to my mother

My mother has paper lips / beautiful, stale pages of love rubbing against each lip. She sings a dream of a crochet bag, each night, the times when I am unwell. My mother often dresses in saree that is obscure and restless, a brown hem of her dress slightly caressing my face. And I beginContinue reading “An ode to my mother”

Cold talks

> I have seen women in a room chilled as the mountain, drowning in a ravenous shelter of heartache. A feverish leg that jolts in summer. Women breathe sand and exhale boken poetry. Women in my town, dessicated in fumes of black clouds, they do not speak about the evil talks now. What is itContinue reading “Cold talks”

A prayer

a prayer so soft I mumble each time There is a method I perform my chants like sticking to the table, thumping my wrist against my forehead. I wish to sneeze while praying to eject sins, a horror bowl that rests between my toes, twirling softly and eating me bite by bite. My prayers areContinue reading “A prayer”

The touch.

Change my atoms of body. make a sin out of this floating skin. A lotus. Inhale my vapours like a sun kissed windowsill. A slice of moon sits on my neck watching your toes circling my platonic waist. a waist that hold your liquids, your solids. A moment of sigh and resemblance. Make me yourContinue reading “The touch.”

Poetry that eats me

I was told since beginning to breathe. Outside the loathing empty voice. Like a romantic bud blossoming under the clear sky. I knew i had some issue. I was often mad. People called me anxious. And life vomited every disgusted feeling, a black hole on my face. I survived that. i survived my anxiety. TheContinue reading “Poetry that eats me”

A rescue poem.

i come to places where i can stich a notion to my entire body of chemicals. Strange things happen here. A women die each day/ there are ways and methods for it/ a loop of sorrow sinks like an abortion. And a mist encircles my eyebrow, like a wide corridor collapsing. i visit places thatContinue reading “A rescue poem.”