For i see a tree behind a house made of clouds a slow whisper entrapped beneath the soil that never moves an inch a state of wellness only getting harrowed we live like a static voice losing the soft cotton-like warmth each day where the bells pause to chime. We come across rooms full of… Continue reading Imaginations

P. a. i. n/ reality

scissors of tongues missing like threads sewing volcanoes. And my lazy tears twist my body like valleys. I sip pain, i see pain. I hear and live pain(patterns corrosive) With footsteps entwining my jawlines. A narrow gauge of breaths and pool of sadness this moment does that abrupt epilepsy to me, this dark hollow night,… Continue reading P. a. i. n/ reality

Time and again

My lips porcelain and full of moments and desires, with a beetle evolving inside. Curious, my arms extend, elongated like a shadow. Dripping ink and curls, eyes stained, pink and blue my curves smile, and Occults occur. My scratches roar, screams, and a star goes missing. A dialectic skin grows each day, with ligaments rupturing… Continue reading Time and again


    I felt the apocalypse, For I am the one under the blanket of disgrace Vapours of sullen emotions clamouring the disgust chaos, I knitted their faces, from core to core till I knew the point blank. The whole world, dreaming the dead leaves an intoxication of swollen wisdom, For time establishes time. Reality… Continue reading Apocalypse

A myth

      Surreal spectrum of rainbows clicking my mind in the sultry daydream. A mirage unknown, Faces floating roses blooming till the moonlit occurs, a failed marriage, or child marriage Lavender smiles, perplexion in minds Mahogany sturdy furniture to cherish, and the coffin is just a wood. oh, human, what a myth! ¬©My Valiant… Continue reading A myth

This- Body- is -Truth

    A basket of floral patterns started right here, from my proclaimed beauty. I was beautiful, like a cast of Aurora on the Himalayas. First, I learned and swallowed truth with honey, so was the birth of my eyes. this deep, hazelnut mosaic eyes My body contacted with the blatant Moon, who marked my… Continue reading This- Body- is -Truth