I was the one with bruises and stones in my mirror-eyed reflection a reflection of you, mother the cacophony of time and hours floating inside your eyes, the heaviness of pebbles and rituals. Your arm mocked your cerulean breast, with its swollen stigma of memoirs and some pictures, vintage. I combed your concave mouths of… Continue reading Time&You

Recent Trends

Some people I see these days are like broken paragraphs of my poetry with a missing meter and inconsistent gravity Detonation of disgust pits and addition of volatile vodka stammers my insipid vision. Half moon, half-blood, half mouth covered, like a decomposition of the great Odyssey. Some people these days are like Vintage tributes( but… Continue reading Recent Trends


Alcohol on my newly-born skin, Do you see the patterns and the checks, the spotted wings? I lick this ferocious almond scales on my skin, counting the pores And I measure the breadth and length, obtaining details of details. The oak tree knows the dents and paints in the surreal landscape, where people romance The… Continue reading Evolution

Stick like a Shadow

I cling to your mauvy shadow Like an auburn Meraki of stars In the meadows of lust, In the turbid blue hemisphere Seeking your Serendipity of breaths, Brushing your knots of cryptic bizarre kiss And mixing with my tainted red lipstick. Swallowing.  Choking. Yearning. -My Valiant Soul