P. a. i. n/ reality

scissors of tongues missing like threads sewing volcanoes. And my lazy tears twist my body like valleys. I sip pain, i see pain. I hear and live pain(patterns corrosive) With footsteps entwining my jawlines. A narrow gauge of breaths and pool of sadness this moment does that abrupt epilepsy to me, this dark hollow night,… Continue reading P. a. i. n/ reality

A Poet’s Sanity

Do not cross your doubts in my face of trees Humongous rocks piling and shattering altogether I am a cloak of shadow, hiding and humming chants to release my sanity, blue waters of Mediterranean hunger Clap my soul, and find the twinnings of pieces of glass Fixated on the roots of my birthplace, insanity clamours.… Continue reading A Poet’s Sanity


Between the crooked lines and my deaf poetry, i hear raspberry bowl of emptiness swinging onto my anklet the sourness, the bitterness strike right here in the perimeter of earthly images, a vague amplifier going berserk silence, noises, screams, Pause. I am a stained tea- coaster, resting on your blue table i crave a coffin… Continue reading Cease