A spotless sight

“I see nothing”- Virginia Woolf There lies a bed of moisture. purple hearbeats uttering a syllable of nothingness. They talk about mad- men, apples and half eaten berries. For I see wet pastures of land, moist like mother’s bosom, fresh and pure. i see a dot placed in the universe, a huge platter of yellow… Continue reading A spotless sight


It sits there with wallowing lips of seal parched leaf, rotating. lives born out of it. swallowing the sudden deaths, inumerous threads of bruises. walls break, people die like petunia’s deluging sigh cleaved mouths of love. wreckage & survival spilling its flow inside, duality co-exists. i splash the black spot, i smash the black spot.… Continue reading Co-exists

A vintage truth

Photographs are blurred memories, of faked, chipped, plastered walls cracking like walnuts, eating its own body- Walls & bones dissolving inside the tooth of dust, memories can be fatal, if picturized or vandalised. All memories collide inside flaky cheeks producing abhorrence of stars, photographs stick like a parasite to your naked soul & exposes the… Continue reading A vintage truth