What we made out of Memories

Prompt- Forgotten Technology This goes beyond the tampered noises that prevail today silence ruffle under the sheets of abrupt behaviour. If I talk, let me talk to you about the mottled photos of yesterday’s yellow sun a wildflower blooming under my chin spreading across the lunatic nights of hum Death too had come on manyContinue reading “What we made out of Memories”


NaPoWriMo#30, prompt- A minimalistic poem what is that throbbing between my cheeks? a poetry fallen so perfectly. a hue of colors. Quiet, quiet, quiet, it delivers spring and autumn, a convex point of life and death, slipping between my things now. listen to it, a wound of loss. a gratitude of survival, it’s the conversationContinue reading “Revival”

A poem about you

NaPoWriMo #22 ekphrastic poem And I stood there, in the aisle of chipped yellow walls rummaging through my thick skin, about the last night. the light of lovemaking, the night of kisses and cigars, how soft your body felt, topaz like sunshine caressing my neck, long afternoons of summer drinks and clouds tearing away, somethingContinue reading “A poem about you”

The touch.

Change my atoms of body. make a sin out of this floating skin. A lotus. Inhale my vapours like a sun kissed windowsill. A slice of moon sits on my neck watching your toes circling my platonic waist. a waist that hold your liquids, your solids. A moment of sigh and resemblance. Make me yourContinue reading “The touch.”

A poet’s origin

NaPoWriMo# 11 Point of origin It began under the chalice of my mother’s yellow palm. Point of absolute silence. Her womb carried me like lotus full of vignette scars. There was a tingling whiff on my small eyes. I was born amidst the petals of soft kisses, soft scars. A concave chin of mole andContinue reading “A poet’s origin”

Things that slip

Napowrimo#9 Whirl like topaz, hear exhaustive voices, all like a mother-daughter relation. Watch a point of Stagnation. Reverberation. Too much cold. and carry the footsteps behind, live, live like a flower on a naked body. There are no cloying questions of life. You will fail if you swallow life. Don’t. Don’t fidget about the atmosphere.Continue reading “Things that slip”

monsoon in winters

NaPoWriMo-8 There is this pond at the back of my backyard, filled with kerosene and knots of pale moonlight. I drink summer drops from the systematic cold windpipes. There is a blurb. Short. Precise. Like a mother’s gentle touch. A glistening path of nothingness. Absolute silence. Here, my body sits and watches the dance ofContinue reading “monsoon in winters”


A cold mouth of air, streaming down the rivers up till my painted toes. I see a circled pair romancing behind the surface of the sky. A cold distilled breaths. Pure. Fixating, like a rubber band. Far away from this orange sunset. I hear umbrellas holding a hand of a detached one. They support andContinue reading “Halt”