no space to love

Napowrimo#12 the poppies won’t die tonight I sense the drama through the bleeding faces again the parched vase of you and me the horizon of us- a hallowing question to that equation the fields seem opaque, dreary, with white sunflowers I run and burn to sniff your presence to sniff the existence the love equation… Continue reading no space to love

The Hunt

But this sorrow never ends. The tongue that runs colddue to platonic threads of sins and cold meadowsthe ache is blooming each daybeneath the blue unfolded eyesthe colour green- now a tone of burning bodiesthis is my survival song, you see with lines cryptic sunset on my lap the night never fades awaythe soil enriched… Continue reading The Hunt

Gulmohar- a poem

The shades of skin- glowing like April morningsa soft warm tone of Gulmohar tree upon my eyelids-a doorway to oceans, two pebble eyesOpen in the open skyThis tree a meteor of clouds to my mindto remind me of Earth, soil and home.Gulmohar tree- pockets of cellophane wrapped on its barkto bloom something moretender, quiet roar… Continue reading Gulmohar- a poem

What we made out of Memories

Prompt- Forgotten Technology This goes beyond the tampered noises that prevail today silence ruffle under the sheets of abrupt behaviour. If I talk, let me talk to you about the mottled photos of yesterday’s yellow sun a wildflower blooming under my chin spreading across the lunatic nights of hum Death too had come on many… Continue reading What we made out of Memories


NaPoWriMo#30, prompt- A minimalistic poem what is that throbbing between my cheeks? a poetry fallen so perfectly. a hue of colors. Quiet, quiet, quiet, it delivers spring and autumn, a convex point of life and death, slipping between my things now. listen to it, a wound of loss. a gratitude of survival, it’s the conversation… Continue reading Revival

A poem about you

NaPoWriMo #22 ekphrastic poem And I stood there, in the aisle of chipped yellow walls rummaging through my thick skin, about the last night. the light of lovemaking, the night of kisses and cigars, how soft your body felt, topaz like sunshine caressing my neck, long afternoons of summer drinks and clouds tearing away, something… Continue reading A poem about you

A poet’s origin

NaPoWriMo# 11 Point of origin It began under the chalice of my mother’s yellow palm. Point of absolute silence. Her womb carried me like lotus full of vignette scars. There was a tingling whiff on my small eyes. I was born amidst the petals of soft kisses, soft scars. A concave chin of mole and… Continue reading A poet’s origin

Things that slip

Napowrimo#9 Whirl like topaz, hear exhaustive voices, all like a mother-daughter relation. Watch a point of Stagnation. Reverberation. Too much cold. and carry the footsteps behind, live, live like a flower on a naked body. There are no cloying questions of life. You will fail if you swallow life. Don’t. Don’t fidget about the atmosphere.… Continue reading Things that slip

nights that talk of you

A mesh of poetry ascends in my scalp of lights the place punctured by your visits often, in my nocturnal nights of anxiety and suicides. You step on to my body, peeling layers of SCARS\ and you watched POETRY\ C A S C A D I N G in molten, mountain flush of hours. I… Continue reading nights that talk of you

heart-a -staircase

desire•••• I could dissolve and dismantle both in your arms. Your concave dripping horizon. Here, sweet nectars of a word, alliteration efflorescences. Poultice killing ant-eaten wound. I put my oblong waist inside your palms to catch the last nights fits and sins, sinister. You breathe effortlessly, like a paper chewing the drops of rain, steadily… Continue reading heart-a -staircase

As a mind bleeds

You would bleed mentally, axis by axis to know my aching cheeks and lips. they do not flutter, engulfed in smokes my mouth, volatile and dark i am a pattern of transition disgusted each day, separation of tongues divides these breasts once supple, i am a sliced burning moon only diced further, till i dismantle… Continue reading As a mind bleeds

Cease and breathe

Cease and breathe the essence dripping, red like bird’s paw emulsifying, You are the spot, crooked and tangerine So how do you mark your sins? •••• Cease and count your curves, red, pink and blues your honey-dripping eyes, facepalmed voice, mirrors bustling. ••• Stand stagnant, dip into memories you are a flower seed A banshee… Continue reading Cease and breathe


“I HAVE LEARNED THAT I STILL HAVE A LOT TO LEARN”- MAYA ANGELOU Cracking my pieces of delusions, with your fainted memory like auburn leaves of sun rays, with autumn diluted in veins of winters, I wander and travel my electrolyte body, time and again. In the wilderness of my pituitary, tongues of vague currents… Continue reading Assimilation