A vintage truth

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Photographs are blurred memories,
 of faked, chipped, plastered walls
 cracking like walnuts,
 eating its own body-
 Walls & bones dissolving
 inside the tooth of dust,
 memories can be fatal,
 if picturized or vandalised.

All memories collide inside flaky cheeks
 producing abhorrence of stars,
 photographs stick
 like a parasite
 to your naked soul
 & exposes the flimsy spots
 of your entire galaxy.
 Like the black spots
 of a beautiful bird.
 Wax droplets memories afloat.


  1. You really know how to open and close a poem. It’s true that photographs are like blurred memories and those memories end up floating in wax from life’s candle. Great way to depict the movement of time.

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  2. This is so vivid and the picture you have chosen fits perfectly with your poem. Its so true when you say photographs stick like a parasite to our naked soul. Sometimes some pictures are so thought-provoking that they stir our soul and brings back unwanted memories.

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  3. Your whole blog has that vintage feel, and so enchanting is your writing style, a sojourn that truly whisks you away from the here and now for awhile.

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