What we made out of Memories

Prompt- Forgotten Technology This goes beyond the tampered noises that prevail today silence ruffle under the sheets of abrupt behaviour. If I talk, let me talk to you about the mottled photos of yesterday’s yellow sun a wildflower blooming under my chin spreading across the lunatic nights of hum Death too had come on many… Continue reading What we made out of Memories


NaPoWriMo#30, prompt- A minimalistic poem what is that throbbing between my cheeks? a poetry fallen so perfectly. a hue of colors. Quiet, quiet, quiet, it delivers spring and autumn, a convex point of life and death, slipping between my things now. listen to it, a wound of loss. a gratitude of survival, it’s the conversation… Continue reading Revival

A poet’s origin

NaPoWriMo# 11 Point of origin It began under the chalice of my mother’s yellow palm. Point of absolute silence. Her womb carried me like lotus full of vignette scars. There was a tingling whiff on my small eyes. I was born amidst the petals of soft kisses, soft scars. A concave chin of mole and… Continue reading A poet’s origin