interview with Pooja

I am delighted to announce that recently I was a part of an interview done by Pooja of Lifesfinewhine. We discussed a few aspects of Art in a short, crisp way. Head over to her blog to read my interview and all the lovely things she writes there and do show your love to all… Continue reading interview with Pooja

no space to love

Napowrimo#12 the poppies won’t die tonight I sense the drama through the bleeding faces again the parched vase of you and me the horizon of us- a hallowing question to that equation the fields seem opaque, dreary, with white sunflowers I run and burn to sniff your presence to sniff the existence the love equation… Continue reading no space to love

Daisy and the fields

my body is a quiet placeit’s about flowers stones a silent theatregreen threads of the blue skywet body of motifs and beautiful soft wildflowerstoday,the mind wanders for a soulful soula shade of velvet love- making,golden embers, a glint of partial sunlightmy limbs are imagery, as ifmy hands my poetrythis womb, a season of creation,like sea,… Continue reading Daisy and the fields

Life Update

It has been a long time since I have interacted with my WordPress readers. I hope everyone is doing fine or just surviving things at the their best level. It’s okay if this year did not start with a kick for you. Trust your timings! I am trying to reset my mindset with slow living.… Continue reading Life Update

Updates on Olive Skins

Sipping my tea, here I am wishing a very happy and prosperous new year to all. I hope you all work harder this year, laugh harder and be more kind to everyone around you especially yourself! Having said that I would like to start this post with a positive approach for my baby that is… Continue reading Updates on Olive Skins


Quietly, winter sets in like a bride so pure, a porcelain teapot full of warmth, a dandelion brushing against the skin. The kitchen lights shine on my bare skin, producing a glimmer of my mind. The grass is cut short. Precise and anorexic. The air is not the same anymore. Bulbs of sophisticated figments produce… Continue reading Winter


i am the woman the goddess of springs and words. watch me rise., through threads of raisin like a vintage blob of sun, a phoenix from ashes. My mouth is covered with cellophane of rust skins, it knows how to unwrap of sins, a murderous night, Watch this body of cold moon, a silent night… Continue reading Goddess


  there is absolutely an archaic music ruffling in my ear, I call it home. pitter-patter raindrops, wrapping a ceremony around my waist. There is belongingness to this body, with nature being receptive of my patterns. A short, polka dot marrying the tablecloth. the small details that you often ignore. And I surrender my eyes,… Continue reading Raindrops

A poet too insane

A frequent dancing step of memory so unique and feverish, an operation of melodious thunderstorms circulating/ watching a gluey stare What is that white noise? A stare, a semantic of laughter. A cacophony of strange chemicals. The molten rhythm of steroid heart. I am blue today, dark blue. nothing that remains inside excites me, I… Continue reading A poet too insane