Daisy and the fields

my body is a quiet placeit’s about flowers stones a silent theatregreen threads of the blue skywet body of motifs and beautiful soft wildflowerstoday,the mind wanders for a soulful soula shade of velvet love- making,golden embers, a glint of partial sunlightmy limbs are imagery, as ifmy hands my poetrythis womb, a season of creation,like sea,… Continue reading Daisy and the fields

We need to have something to hold on

I have thought of inculcating a better routine for this month now. I am happy to have my poems accepted in a few magazines as I thought would be doing for the month of March and I am not writing much. So, it’s okay actually! So, each month I would sit along with my journal… Continue reading We need to have something to hold on

A quick update about my blog

Hi all !I am just planning to engage in a new aspect of blogging and writing my heart out. For sure, I will be doing poetry, Poetry is my heart and religion but for some reason I want to connect deeper and would love to dig in more. I would love to discuss Art in… Continue reading A quick update about my blog