I need some love and support.

I am writing after a long time . As I was having a rough time with my life, life patterns etc and in the process I stopped writing almost everywhere. Even the acceptance letters from great magazines did boost up my mood but it did not stay for a long duration and hence I was… Continue reading I need some love and support.

Hear my Podcast episode-as I talk about creativity.

Dear Readers, Hear me talk to the adventurous soul Petra on the recent episode for her Podcast that she calls “Erratic Hat Podcast”. I talk about creativity, the writing process and about publishing process etc. You can check out the podcast and her blog here. Also, I have changed my newsletter title now- it is… Continue reading Hear my Podcast episode-as I talk about creativity.

The first issue of – All Ears is out now!

As I write this, I am reminded of all the wonderful poetry,prose that I have been reading for All Ears– An ezine for youth which has been edited by me along with five other editors. With an eye of an editor, it is never an easy task to analyse any piece but with the collective… Continue reading The first issue of – All Ears is out now!


The collarbone cracks open, a petal of your name, a thick cloud of lust sounds that speak only of splitted grass I see you and I think oh ‘home’ honey-suckled touch, tongues: tongues interwined into sheets of desire of lukewarm, misted talks about us and hopes to stay. It is Summer now, a season of… Continue reading Summer-

A quick update about my blog

Hi all !I am just planning to engage in a new aspect of blogging and writing my heart out. For sure, I will be doing poetry, Poetry is my heart and religion but for some reason I want to connect deeper and would love to dig in more. I would love to discuss Art in… Continue reading A quick update about my blog

To the woman- who knows it all

The other day I thought of writing a poetry about healing About self- love, growth Nonsense. My tone is still abrupt, crooked, melancholic Orange like the winter sun My hands are yet pale. Yellow as the home cooked oil, The other day I thought of writing about memories that soothe me Motionless. About the barren… Continue reading To the woman- who knows it all

The itch

the itch,the orange glass ceilings always fail my existence,an inhuman thing sinks beneath my eyelidswalking abruptly, in patterns unknown,there are things which makes no sensea loose river like madnessa loose butter like sky slipping from my white hands,my hands which are now counting the marks of my footprintsmaking a spiral knot about this moments,this momentary… Continue reading The itch

the women of my time

The women of my time spend too much time thinking, thinking about the leftover foods the leftover oil, cucumbers and what not The women of my time speak a vacant language a kind of verbiage which makes you stutter they have a lost glory eyesight they wish to see things yet falls on a flat… Continue reading the women of my time


How many times do I shift my bodily postures? from a room so cold, so absolute, to a room full of hopes. There is a never -ending system of dying things in here. I move like a ‘banjaran’ wishing for dead leaves, painted auburn sky sunlight hitting my pale, loose skin, I move to hide… Continue reading Countless

Did you read ‘Crimson Skins’?

In the month of August I published my poetry collection ‘Crimson Skins’ which you can check out on all the major online stores. I am proud of my book, for the love it received.:) A review- Crimsons skins is a collection of beautifully written poems and proses by Devika Mathur revolvingaround several themes of life… Continue reading Did you read ‘Crimson Skins’?

Get a signed copy of my book- Crimson Skins

I just received my author copies of “Crimson Skins“. If anyone interested in receiving a signed copy of my book please let me know as soon as possible. The books will be available at discount, also along with my signature. If in case you wish to read the collection sometimes in future, support this fellow… Continue reading Get a signed copy of my book- Crimson Skins

A few facts about Loneliness

My loneliness spews from the dark curtains / fevering beneath a molted lampshade, running amidst the hanging treehouse, a sharp blue gong of a temple. Upon the arrival of next month, my tongue develops a sickness,                            I sit I stand                           I sit In a nonchalant abrupt way,           Defying the lucid crispness of… Continue reading A few facts about Loneliness

Thank You!

A day before yesterday, I noticed how my blog got more than 5k subscribers and I never got an opportunity to sit and express my gratitude to all those who have supported me in all my thick and thins. Thank you for believing in my words and my mind. There is a lot that can… Continue reading Thank You!


we slumber through days of moist observations of things unspoken of. An organ. A transparency.. there are things beyond our two nutty eye to cling a mouth full of love, Raindrops that cascade through my fragile shoulders through my heavy white bosom that speaks of you speaks of sin speaks of white emptiness raindrops sweet… Continue reading Raindrops