A lost letter to my father

  image credits- pinterest Thunder, if that is one big word I want you to gulp it down. My walls speaks of you of a memory we shared over the sweet sunrise from the balcony Your percolating memories stir my throat to think of our blue wise words. I was always a pebble a sweet,… Continue reading A lost letter to my father

A blue attack

Blue, blue. My hands leak blue crooked blood. I tried suicide today. Walked like a ghost/ a melancholy boiler. a house that leaks. wax statues going bizarre. Bizarre like dissolving inside my hollow stomach. i am here. i am there. A loop of curve, falling on the equinox. burn this society inside my mouth i… Continue reading A blue attack

The truth of this Skin

This Skin is transparent, like a stitch to spew, to flatter the moments of despair. The bruises occur, with an open mouth an empty sheet of braided dreams this skin claps and claps with a bowl of spewing lotus, and a hollow dripping hocus-pocus Peppermint& honey drops with earbuds sagging, this skin melts, in the… Continue reading The truth of this Skin

Thought Factory

These circles of fingers and skins and bones, and something beneath the bones, ashes rub rub rub something beneath the thoughts of thoughts burns, and sins and sins. Crooked dripping lies, exhausting this naked galaxy heaviness obviates fireflies thoughts thoughts thoughts Stinking and swelling, I am a pause. ©MVS NaPoWriMo#9 P.S- I might have missed… Continue reading Thought Factory

Leftover Nights(A collaboration)

It gives me immense pleasure in finally collaborating with Poems in Coffer girl Chhaya. She is a lovely soul and so is her scintillating writings. Italics- Chhaya   A room full of rancid leftover night is a reminder of repugnant voids that conform to the oddities of a desolate decaying mind I hear my mind… Continue reading Leftover Nights(A collaboration)

Submit to Blood Into Ink

Blood into ink is a safe place for all the unheard voices of Survival and brave souls. Anyone who has suffered the cruelty or has been traumatized can submit their writings to the submission page of this bold journal. We would love to spread your voice and words. Its a place for all the courageous… Continue reading Submit to Blood Into Ink