A few facts about Loneliness

My loneliness spews from the dark curtains / fevering beneath a molted lampshade, running amidst the hanging treehouse, a sharp blue gong of a temple. Upon the arrival of next month, my tongue develops a sickness,                            I sit I stand                           I sit In a nonchalant abrupt way,           Defying the lucid crispness ofContinue reading “A few facts about Loneliness”


I am thrilled to announce that my book Crimson Skins is now available as a kindle and paperback version on Amazon Praise for the book- When Devika, a poet whose work I adore, approached me with an Advanced Readers Copy of her poetry collection, I was beyond thrilled. For her success, as well as theContinue reading “CRIMSON SKINS NOW AVAILABLE AS PAPERBACK”


I just published my poetry collection Crimson Skins on Amazon. Check it out. / The night has a soft pattern to dismantle my body< Quiet a as hushed wound with a flat curvature of a splitting fruit, my body is a temple to wounds, a temple to eat things that are fleshy. The night lampsContinue reading “Wounds”

Thank You!

A day before yesterday, I noticed how my blog got more than 5k subscribers and I never got an opportunity to sit and express my gratitude to all those who have supported me in all my thick and thins. Thank you for believing in my words and my mind. There is a lot that canContinue reading “Thank You!”