A poet too insane

A frequent dancing step of memory so unique and feverish, an operation of melodious thunderstorms circulating/ watching a gluey stare What is that white noise? A stare, a semantic of laughter. A cacophony of strange chemicals. The molten rhythm of steroid heart. I am blue today, dark blue. nothing that remains inside excites me, I… Continue reading A poet too insane

A poem about you

NaPoWriMo #22 ekphrastic poem And I stood there, in the aisle of chipped yellow walls rummaging through my thick skin, about the last night. the light of lovemaking, the night of kisses and cigars, how soft your body felt, topaz like sunshine caressing my neck, long afternoons of summer drinks and clouds tearing away, something… Continue reading A poem about you

distortion in mirror

i can’t mend things perfectly like a soothsayer in my vagina asking to rise- a phoenix of morality but i cant do a thing flawlessly you see- i have a thing forsaken to blend with another skin of my body, cerulean dreams of raisins and chestnut i am black i am broken, pieces jittered in… Continue reading distortion in mirror

Things I crave

      I sit beneath this concave moonlit and put my ink on my naked body tonight. I count the loses and the victories I have had, the outnumbered lips of kisses and the bottles of venom. I draw a map to the moon, I draw stars to my breasts. I crave the branches… Continue reading Things I crave