interview with Pooja

I am delighted to announce that recently I was a part of an interview done by Pooja of Lifesfinewhine. We discussed a few aspects of Art in a short, crisp way. Head over to her blog to read my interview and all the lovely things she writes there and do show your love to all… Continue reading interview with Pooja

Cease and breathe

Cease and breathe the essence dripping, red like bird’s paw emulsifying, You are the spot, crooked and tangerine So how do you mark your sins? •••• Cease and count your curves, red, pink and blues your honey-dripping eyes, facepalmed voice, mirrors bustling. ••• Stand stagnant, dip into memories you are a flower seed A banshee… Continue reading Cease and breathe


Today, my writing is divine. With the savage to sink myself in words, I am invincible. Language embellishes me like wrapping petals of roses to the moon. I know my heartbeat today, rapturous, melancholic like almond skin. I feel the bruises not the scars for scars are permanent ink. I remember that sad lady lying… Continue reading Words