Daisy and the fields

my body is a quiet placeit’s about flowers stones a silent theatregreen threads of the blue skywet body of motifs and beautiful soft wildflowerstoday,the mind wanders for a soulful soula shade of velvet love- making,golden embers, a glint of partial sunlightmy limbs are imagery, as ifmy hands my poetrythis womb, a season of creation,like sea,… Continue reading Daisy and the fields

Did you read ‘Crimson Skins’?

In the month of August I published my poetry collection ‘Crimson Skins’ which you can check out on all the major online stores. I am proud of my book, for the love it received.:) A review- Crimsons skins is a collection of beautifully written poems and proses by Devika Mathur revolvingaround several themes of life… Continue reading Did you read ‘Crimson Skins’?


I am thrilled to announce that my book Crimson Skins is now available as a kindle and paperback version on Amazon Praise for the book- When Devika, a poet whose work I adore, approached me with an Advanced Readers Copy of her poetry collection, I was beyond thrilled. For her success, as well as the… Continue reading CRIMSON SKINS NOW AVAILABLE AS PAPERBACK