We need to have something to hold on

I have thought of inculcating a better routine for this month now. I am happy to have my poems accepted in a few magazines as I thought would be doing for the month of March and I am not writing much. So, it’s okay actually! So, each month I would sit along with my journal… Continue reading We need to have something to hold on


I am nocturnal today, like roses building up on my arms speaking language of Gods. The air is turgescent, dripping lust for words. lust for my beauty. I walk on the arch of windowsills with blue loops of eyes, tingling some sensation. Something unheard before. A voice of metaphors dissolving into my pharynx with lids… Continue reading Breathe.

How I count my soul

a birthmark & a taboo i am a lavish smile of smirk you incubated me & my head with soils of murder and hatred sins of monster & coal of coals. to kiss your dark soul i swim like a starfish, concurrent currents floating inside my solitary knee-bone see it, feel it, sniff it chop… Continue reading How I count my soul

Salt water mixed with air

My squinting eyes evolve and illuminate the seeds and seedlings of us. Germination and hibernation. It’s stillness spinning on my cracking bones and lips. Thunders push forward my footprints, marking sand and sand-dunes of time like a canopy or translucent umbrella of opaque dreams. It’s treacherous. Banal and vixen kisses to tell you. The door-knobs… Continue reading Salt water mixed with air


I am a shallow bone of desires burning in my own rivalry among galaxies. Vinegar-faced my legs drool on my mouth, Everything is opposite here. When the earth rains and the sky listens, the precise water-droplets of mercury, churns my anxiety. Where my war is my peace. the hallucinations are my paradise, poking my raisin… Continue reading Sustenance

About Survival

Watching the movement of emptiness sinking on my nostrils, A part of Earth tremors inside my Corona of dismantling systems With crooked pens, I still draw mundane loops of Reds and Black Planets dance around my white waist with slumbers of lilies stuck inside the windowsill I leap and quiver, rebuking my seizure For the… Continue reading About Survival


    Romancing with winter involves more than seduction to its frosty night. There is a pit darker inside the walls of a colossal ball of shadow. A shadow where skins of lost soul bloom. A pool of infinite kisses. The chills of silent lustrous night expand in the most imposing manner, like the feathers… Continue reading As-I-Worship-Winter