The Affair

There isn’t a sight that does not make me think of you of your auburn burning skin in the heat- a poem so soft on your lips, it almost is center of all light I produce an inflammable kiss awake with fumes coalescing into fumes of rainbows The body rises from something so chalky beneath… Continue reading The Affair

Midsummer’s mad song

How many times do I need to die to keep you awake? A figure of wax evolves and quietly speaks your name to me. Your tangerine lips, a lump of sugar and clove all dissolved in my ears. What is your language of love? You reach my body with chemicals gushing until the body shatters… Continue reading Midsummer’s mad song

A slip

i have written in my belly, a thing for you, your name that clamours this wall. i have it preserved into my bones, these skeletons of dark bowl. ah! your voice, eccentric, atoms of atoms. you blink, and i am basket of sunsets. this life is a point of conversation. with you, i skip this… Continue reading A slip