The Affair

There isn’t a sight that does not make me think of you of your auburn burning skin in the heat- a poem so soft on your lips, it almost is center of all light I produce an inflammable kiss awake with fumes coalescing into fumes of rainbows The body rises from something so chalky beneath… Continue reading The Affair


  Of lust I must speak to you. This body glows like a river only too thin to bend over you. Acknowledge the minuteness spread onto my face across the loose limbs that floats in the air. Of beauty – I come to you, spreading a knob of orange garden where the time collapse and… Continue reading Desires

The truth of this Skin

This Skin is transparent, like a stitch to spew, to flatter the moments of despair. The bruises occur, with an open mouth an empty sheet of braided dreams this skin claps and claps with a bowl of spewing lotus, and a hollow dripping hocus-pocus Peppermint& honey drops with earbuds sagging, this skin melts, in the… Continue reading The truth of this Skin


How do you define my perforated body aches with meteors dissolving? It’s an harrowing scenario with blood screams, thunders stuck to my backbone. Lipids going haywire and my eyes swollen with a pool of tyranny. Nostrils flutter like vintage sheets of paper, obsolete in obscure point. A point of missing mornings and seasons. Each night,… Continue reading missing-breaths

When -the -pendulum- strikes

During nights, my body becomes a range of chemicals. The nocturnal nails dip in the swamp of black thoughts. My windowsill evaporates, fumes of my detailed miseries. It’s not saddening what my mind does to my hand and arms. My hair bun, all soaked in summer sweat, dripping anxiety like forlorn tales of missing cities… Continue reading When -the -pendulum- strikes

Moonlit Romance

“Under your skin, the moon is alive”- Pablo Neruda My body has gone counting The twists and folds of your skin. My hands have carved a tattoo plunged into your chest, where a basket of sunrises glitter like the moon’s hideous smile. I have heard the murmurs of your heart where white earth blooms. Like… Continue reading Moonlit Romance

The Art of This-Body

Helplessness running through the haze of clouds, Hands swinging, liquified skin and slaps of salt grains. I prick my soul, to check the shrieking the altitude coincides with a marriage ritual in the Altar, in the temple Between the moist lips The air halts, pause and my skin kisses my eyes Conundrum,    Abortion Throbbing… Continue reading The Art of This-Body


This orange leaf splinters further, reflecting your beautiful naked skin to me. In the pool of stars, I feel the icicles of chills Spreading onto your neck, spreading onto your lips. I count breaths between your lips and my moist temple-like mouth Engulfing charisma of your liquid veins, I stand still to weave a knot… Continue reading Together

This- Body- is -Truth

    A basket of floral patterns started right here, from my proclaimed beauty. I was beautiful, like a cast of Aurora on the Himalayas. First, I learned and swallowed truth with honey, so was the birth of my eyes. this deep, hazelnut mosaic eyes My body contacted with the blatant Moon, who marked my… Continue reading This- Body- is -Truth

A Hoax

Incandescent vapours of sunshine, Forms on Orphic pattern of hope, miseries. I walk like a daydream, butter on paper. Found to the known, lost to the soil..who am I? Imbricated like orange peels, Stuck like a star-dust to my mundane house ceilings. Where, roses and feathers caress my faith, Only to know, this table and… Continue reading A Hoax

Part Of You

The encapsulating drawings of the sky and blues of water along with the dark brown forests, with a hint of green shrubs The skin of tulips, the wings of my sublime poetry my inner secrets, my outer smiles The twinkles of star-dust, the serendipity of an ant colony or the Apricity of a warm blanket… Continue reading Part Of You