Insatiable hunger

Inside the rim of a bottle
Or outside the grilled window
You poke and churn the mystical hoax
Digesting into the pool of madness
A reverie. A fiction. A ballistic throttle.
A healing iris. A gargantuan of flowing words. A paroxysm.
Peel the skin, scratch the inside of an apple
Search the word, burn it and inhale in
your surreal peace, preen the mirth
And swallow the liquidity, join your body
With its formation, a constellation of stars
Then, you shall know insatiable hunger.

Published by

my valiant soul

A dreamer and a believer for the upliftment of women rights. A published poet, author, writer. Believes in dancing and cooking amazing food for hungry souls at times. Loves to write and write till the moon is satisfied. My writings can be found at Visual Verse, Indian Periodical, Sick Lit mag, Duane's Poetree, Thistle magazine, among various others. Curator of Olive Skins.

24 thoughts on “Insatiable hunger”

  1. I quite love the conciseness of the poem. And I absolutely adore the picture up at the top. My personal favorite line is “A healing iris. A gargantuan of flowing words. A paroxysm.” I don’t think I can adequately describe the reason why I enjoy it so much; it’s more than well stated…it simply resonated with me. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. That’s the first time I remember reading a poem about actively looking for a hunger that can’t be satisfied. I’m so used to thinking about trying to get away from hunger to have a more peaceful soul, in a Zen Buddhist sort of way, that your poem was enlightening in the opposite direction.

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  3. Yes, insatiable hunger is like a prison, be it a glass jar or confined behind a grilled window. The flow of this piece helps the reader feel the madness.

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