Living with poetry

  Each day i grow poetry out of my stillborn toes where words drip honey, moisture and powder to evolve, Words.   They rotate inside my iris, whirlpooling like catharsis. Inch by inch, shifting like the moon, embossing the sky, they perch on orchids, to suck nectar, to suck poetry from there. And I see and… Continue reading Living with poetry

a nameless land

i am a hysteria of beauty and ugliness, eloping like a gulf, a street shop of diamonds, cheap and blemished. It happens at a time, I evolve and dupe into my billowing mirage, eyes lost in a dyslexia of love, something chuckles inside my flesh of concave mouth a pink belonging to my entire body,… Continue reading a nameless land

W O R D S – A N D- L O V E

if my fingers break with the timeline of chiselled cheeks of lust for words of hunger for hunger if turquoise veins open up, longitudes of the fallen mind like the rupturing of seeds without a sound, a mindless game What it shall be called? the itch on my legs on my lips of words, a… Continue reading W O R D S – A N D- L O V E

Eyes of Words

No, I don’t write to cherish your cotton melodies. An orange boy sleeps as I write and decorate my pages with mannequins of moist thoughts. There is a broken periphery as my words, letters unfurl the unsaid. The corrosion of tanned face, the bleeding of fingers onto this sheet that absorbs my coconut ink, seems… Continue reading Eyes of Words

Poetry and Ink.

No, it did not start with the extraction of bones and marrow. Neither, there was an epiphany. I pluck my eyebrow with a sharp pencil, to check the skin underneath. A bizarre. Mockery of a round square pats my naked back, yelling I have something inside my earlobe too. So, I prick my navel and… Continue reading Poetry and Ink.

Last Single Existence

I am silvered and stickered in the blue’s of despair hunting my scalp down to the ankle stain, recidivating, collapsing For the roads are a summer breeze tropical, slapping my coarse breast the humming is repetitive. like insanity clicking Artless. Viscous walks defy my extinction. The roars and shouts, scrapping my last single bit of… Continue reading Last Single Existence


MVS What intrigues my eye the most is the sweetness and copious jelly myths of the world. A truth about death and beauty. Shapes genesis hoodwinked as orange sunsets, leveraging. I form petty diluted circles of observance hanging outwards from my malice thighs. A point of dissatisfaction. Itching of my eyelids emphasize that.I become a… Continue reading Aphorism

A Madhouse

The sound of water almost uncanny, A plastic bag bloats and floats like a memory of thoughts piled and halved beneath, my sagging skin of skins. The room is a liquid gel with my thoughts arrested, sleek and colourful. Water Ripples my thoughts bifurcate further With tunes of melancholy and cascading mystical languages. It’s supernatural.… Continue reading A Madhouse

Beyond Hope

The night knitted our bodies like lanterns lit with navy-blue aromas, with currents storming with sands under my body of hope, with utopia and songs messed up in my head. You wrapped my raisin skin, performed colourful themes like an Orion singing, poetry dancing. The night stimulated the thunderstorms, with Petrichor, dripping from my tongue… Continue reading Beyond Hope

It’s all Unnatural

It’s unnatural how you fall for me every day among the sunsets and pancakes. You caress my elbow, a star falls right upon my sliced forehead. The partitions are yellow, perforated, a sublime concoction of moisture and stories to foretell. The hoop of canticle vortex slides on my plump thigh and you begin to smile.… Continue reading It’s all Unnatural


In a circle full of moisture and baked apple pie’s, I crave and hold the periphery of Words like a sullen extension of truth. A point of solitude. I rub my skin to find the unsaid, undiscovered words, I rub my iris, my white thighs like a fiction produced by swallowing catharsis. Discover. Run. Run… Continue reading Words


People are like stagnate rubber elasticity with structures clinging our forehead, sweating cold sweat Impulsive, off-hand contusions of smiles Like eruption of S W O L L E N E A R L O B E S A segment of Paraffin wax coating the lights on my ceiling Mourning and screaming( inaudible noises, inaudible voices)… Continue reading Scars

Yellow Segments

I have detached my cellophane dreams with your cold shiverings Sustenance to moments invite a vaporizing acceptance My breaths carve my bones as I count the stars, Hopes can be delusional, hope can be aimless. It only moulds the opening of my bosom where a stack of anti-oxidant hid. The penumbra of opaque sunrays never… Continue reading Yellow Segments


      Pellucid petals of lust, I, lean over to smell the paper, Where I lament my dead hopes burning ferociously. My pen is pervicacious inclined to savour the smoke ignited. The words are my soul, Insatiable I am dipped in its white corona. Cathartic particles of serenity forms as I write my love,… Continue reading Paper-Cuts

Insatiable hunger

Inside the rim of a bottle Or outside the grilled window You poke and churn the mystical hoax Digesting into the pool of madness A reverie. A fiction. A ballistic throttle. A healing iris. A gargantuan of flowing words. A paroxysm. Peel the skin, scratch the inside of an apple Search the word, burn it… Continue reading Insatiable hunger