sense of staying- a poem

Hi, Welcome to my poetry world yet again. I guess we all have no better solution rather than staying positive and hopeful. I am glad to feel this positive vibe yet again after all that India has been through and is still dealing. I am trying to do as much as I can and that includes taking care of my mental health as well.

Sharing a poem. Let me know your views and in general how life has been treating you all?:)

And maybe this shall never end-
Here, I rest my palms along with the stars,
twigs of sunsets
hoping for tree of wishes
a spoon of lukewarm winters
which sits beside my small mind
a roar of summer breeze,
producing so much that only my heart can see,
 and maybe this shall never end-
yet I long for coral sweaters,
                attachment layered sky
above and below-
           the dreamcatchers
            in the grainy rain.
Our mouths unravelling
and spitting a tongue of hibiscus growing
scrubbing all the sins away
lights spinning- gold,
poppies in a bathtub
and leaves fluttering across our bodies-
we want this,
           a human touch
a human being, indeed.

If you love reading my poems and works you might enjoy my book Crimson Skins. I can’t believe it is soon going to be an year for my book and each time I hold my baby, I am choked with pride. You can get your copies on Kindle, Amazon, Pothi etc.

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9 thoughts on “sense of staying- a poem

  1. A beautiful poem, Devika. I can sense the gentle hope. The situation in India has been and continues to be so heartbreaking. I’m glad you’re feeling some balance and a positive vibe. Stay well, my friend, and Happy Writing.

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  2. Thank you Devika for the concern for us. We’re doing okay. In fact support like this will make things easier for us.
    On Crimson Skin, the book I purchased, I was thinking of writing a review.
    But the book is of such high quality and I am clearly not qualified to write a review.
    All the best to you. Keep inspiring us

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      1. Thank you Devika for the kind words. You are my favourite poetess, even with my limited knowledge of the field.
        You too, stay safe

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