Published in Virtual Verse

This is such a thrilling feeling as my poem “Discover” has been published in such a versatile magazine Virtual Verse. You may find my work on page 96 among the various beautiful pieces. I am so honoured to find my place there! The collection is stupendously brilliant.

Here is the link.




      1. Ah it’s been a struggling balancing my day job, writing/keeping up with WordPress, getting sleep, etc. I wish I could split myself into multiple entities to keep up.

        How are you? 🙂 I’m very proud of you, getting well deserved recognition for your writing.

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      2. Oh, I know that balancing thing for myself now. It can be really hectic but I would suggest you to take some good sleep for a good thought.
        I have genuinely missed your good reads as for now. Hope to hear soon from you.

        And once again I am honoured Scarlet.❤

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  1. Congratulations Devika.
    This is quite an accomplishment.
    I don’t believe I have read this poem before.
    Perhaps I’ll comment on further a little later.
    Have a nice weekend.

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      1. btw: Happy Nuakhai. If you observe it. My apartment complex/neighborhood is 70% Indian…
        so things are “decked out” right now. Forrest

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      2. Then I wonder all those Indians are from Odissa, a state of India which I believe you must know.
        I do not celebrate this but I am happy to see Indians around you.
        Thank You, Forrest for this sweet gesture.

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