Burning Mystery

Each summer among the starry-nights,
I see poppy feathers dropping
On my startling skin, music, reverie
Under my chalky lips.
The pattern of floral constellations hang from my fragile skin, diamonds, autumn leaves
All wrapped like a melody string.
The moon flickers on my naked waist,
Churning its secret on my cheekbones
And something trembles inside for I learn today, I am a burning orphic mystery
Lost, found all at once.


  1. Reads well and I am trying to decipher. But I feel let it be, as this one has a mysticism in it.
    So even if my understanding is not correct, it’s superior in mystery
    ‘Lost and found all at once’

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  2. There are many aspects of individuality, like the light(it’s nature) as inanimate object, but it follows its own destined(attributed) path. It’s Time for discovery one’s discovery. Nice equation of words you have permuted, valiant.

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  3. There is something beautiful about being able have mystery within us while at the same time knowing much about ourselves. Lovely imagery, MVS.

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  4. Words beautifully woven… it really creates a mystical image on my mind’s canvas… it always so enjoyable reading your writings… I get goosebumps each time… beautiful as always❤❤

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