dear readers!

I am talking like this after ages, I know. Thing is something is there I feel lacking inside me. That satisfaction, maybe? Since past many days, i have been observing the silent response on my blog, not that i care for the stats. But the comments are the things which always uplifted me.

i have toiled like anything for this poetry blog of mine. I have written god knows n number of poetries by now. So, the thing is if it is not doing good now, i want to know the reason!

and yes, i am as always grateful to all my readers who have read me for all these years. I have been busy lately because of so many other things. But i sincerely want to extend my thanks to those who were there to read me!

drop your comments may be, of what you think of my poetry?!


have a great day ahead!

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my valiant soul

A dreamer and a believer for the upliftment of women rights. A published poet, author, writer. Believes in dancing and cooking amazing food for hungry souls at times. Loves to write and write till the moon is satisfied. My writings can be found at Visual Verse, Indian Periodical, Sick Lit mag, Duane's Poetree, Thistle magazine, among various others. Curator of Olive Skins.

97 thoughts on “dear readers!”

  1. I enjoy your work. But I’m someone who rarely comments because I generally feel that I don’t have anything intelligent to offer. Just leaving a simple “great work” seems a bit hollow. But I don’t know, maybe that’s just me, and maybe others would appreciate even a brief comment like that.

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  2. In life, after some years, surprises come randomly, sporadically to me, at least. Discovering your blog was a splendid one, one that I would cherish… You are gifted, talented, and your writing just touch my heart… Keep going! Not sure about those stats, but bottom line you are brilliant and I live to read what you write, always!🤗💕💟

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  3. You are so beautiful! I know the feeling your talking about all to well! You are one of the first I started reading when I got on here and fell in love! In the past few months I have been taking care of family and my son’s graduation. However, I still try to make time to get in and read even when I fail to write! I have several works in progress just not finished!
    You poetry makes my heart yearn for more! Don’t give up or worry about the stats!
    You have a true gift! embrace and keep doing what you do!
    Thank you for sharing all that you have, You are a true gift! Lot’s of hugs!

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    1. This made me smile.Your words certainly have boosted my heart. It feels good to know you still love to read it. And you seem to be an amazing person. I am sure now your family is doing well and so is your son.

      Sending love and hugs.

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  4. Devika, who are you writing for love? Your words are your heart. Every time I read something from you, there is a connection. There are many reasons why people may not respond but “like” only. I cannot speak for them, I’ll speak for myself… I don’t comment on everything I read, when I am moved to comment or a piece makes me feel like I just have to tell the Writer how incredible it is, I respond. Sometimes, I feel as though I could be saying the same thing and I don’t like that feeling. But, having read you for at least 3 years, your work has gotten better. There is growth and that is saying a lot because I always felt you were/are a strong Writer.

    The opinions of others is subjective. Write for your heart. Write from your heart. Everything else, will fall into place as it should.

    I hope this helps. More importantly, I hope you find what you need from your blog. Peace, Devika.

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    1. Yes! Truly needed.
      Tre, you are one of my oldest WP friends and I am glad we still share this bond for many left without exchanging a word. With you it’s different. Your words have always uplifted my spirit.
      And truly, I have valued each and every word of yours. So yes, this again makes me happy.
      Thank you!
      Stay blessed and love to you.

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  5. Hey my friend, you are a very talented and beautiful poetess and your work has always been very unique and with a certain poetic flair that only comes from you. We all have a life and often get caught up in life sometimes even us poets and it can affect how we write at times but we always push through and as long as you never quit and do what you love then you will always be a success, much love and peace my fellow poet and keep doing what you do!

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      1. Yes this is my first lengthy reply to you but yes I really do enjoy your poetry, it’s very deep and sultry and with lots of heart. Like I said, you are vert talented and please don’t ever stop writing my dear friend and poet, much love and peace!!!

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      2. I will not stop writing, but as I said before I always need some hope or something. Well today reading that you all actually enjoy my words has definitely moved me to an extent.
        I am grateful to you, surely.

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  6. MVS, I am always delighted to see a post from you. I haven’t been as active on WP, but I make time to read your words, because they always spark something inside of me. Please keep writing! I am a fan of all of your poetic styles, as they truly inspire me to dig deeper and decipher your metaphors. Sending lots of love 💓💓💓💓

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  7. Hello darling soul!
    I’m sorry to hear about this! I’ve noticed a similar trend over on my blog too… less likes and less comments. I attributed it to a combination of the time of year and my own rather bout of darkness….
    you are always a delight to read. Perhaps a break is needed? Hardest part is keeping in mind why you write. I took one last week and will most likely keep taking them sporadically as I deal.
    Keep being true to you and those that matter will appreciate your soul vibes. Peace ♥️🌸

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  8. Your poems all have the same voice. It is your voice, but it never varies. Variety is the spice of life. You use a lot of body imagery, uncapitalized words. The patterns are all the same. It’s really, really good–but even really, really good stales if repeated too many times.
    I recommend trying to write in a different voice, with different word selection and different literary mechanics.

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    1. But what about the genre? Like Sylvia platy was a confessional writer only. Dark poetry through imagery is my thing. Earlier I used to write romance also, but often it doesn’t click me.
      Let’s see what can be done.


      1. You have staked out a niche in your genre, it doesn’t seem that dark to me, I think it’s good in technicality, technical prowess with words and English structures, and you’re definitely a stand-out. (Your follower count and Like count should be an indicator of that.) I still see some romance in your bodily imagery to this day!


  9. I agree with many comments. You are such a brilliant writer, I too hesitate to comment because I don’t want to sound repetitious. Your work definitely deserves true awards! Never doubt yourself again; you are just too good for that thought.

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  10. Okay..I have read other people comments…they are all praising know that I adore your poems a lot..and you are one of the poet I look upto.So I don’t want to be rude but I want to be honest.Previously when I read your poems ,initially I didn’t understand the lines,then I read with heart and with brain.Then I was in aww of your thinking and imagery.I always love that process.The depth you write with word play.What I felt recently is the poems lack that depth,I mean it feels like you are writing for the sake of writing maybe.Don’t get me wrong I always comment on your poems whenever I get time ,but I never miss your poems.But when I am spellbound..I always acknowledge that in comments..and you knew it.Recently I am not getting that high,maybe because you are not putting all the heart or I don’t know maybe it’s me.But recently I somehow not finding that magic in your poems…missing the heart in that…if that makes sense I am happy…sorry if I am rude..I just want to tell my opinion


  11. You are so talented in this art my dear friend …it is impossible to do justice with any comment. I personally fear sounding redundant as I seem to have one of the 3 responses every single time I read you – ‘Incredible!’ ‘Beautiful!’ “How do you do this?’ – I just decide not to comment when I am stunned with one of these, maybe I should. I do not have the capacity to appreciate your metaphors with more words, usually I am left impressed by the feeling they convey. You are admired and appreciated – that is the truth 🙂

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    1. So all of my friends are stopping to comment just because they feel they will create a chain of monotony. Hmm. Now what to do?!
      No pragal, you are always welcome to even leave that beautiful (if it is) on my poems. I always enjoy to read beautiful words from a beautiful lady.❤️

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  12. It’s always bang on. Too rich with words and emotions.b
    But I guess, WordPress behaves like a marketplace at times. If you give less , you get less. Otherwise you are excellent. Republish your posts . Many times people miss. You are very frequent writer. So fresher posts keep building.

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      1. Yeah , melancholy . Your words paint the same painting with different colours at times. Pose is different but expression is same. Maybe , an introspection of reality or change in reality will make you more conscious writer. But don’t let that consciousness take the flavour out of your words.

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  13. Devika, you’re one of the few spectacular writers on WordPress, that I read, who truly sketches life in it’s utter true forms.
    Your poems are truly a master piece, I mean I would be ecstatic if I could write even half of what you write!!
    And for the comments, at times I don’t comment for others have already commented something similar already.
    You’re a talented writer Devika, all the very best for the upcoming poetries.
    And do not worry, people love your writings, I love them too!❤

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    1. Thank you Shivani. Your comment is very dear to me.and the kind of love you show on my poems is just too much for my heart to take in.
      I genuinely do not care about the stats but yes thanks for this girl.
      Sending love and ❤️.

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  14. First a warm greeting to my awesome wordsmith sister. You’re one of best poet here on this platform and among few i honestly read and follow from the day i active here( you know😋) Its always a pleasure to read your poetries & have you here with special bond.
    Forget about stats, your poetries are beyond the numbers games.
    Keep writing, smiling and take care.
    Have a great weekend ahead with lots of love and lights✌😊💐

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    1. Hey my brother.
      Thank you for uplifting my mood.
      I might take a break I just dont know.
      And I am happy if you have always read my words and appreciated.

      I am so grateful to you.
      Thank you.


  15. Your poetry is (hands-on) great. I don’t think that your poetry has something to do with the less traffic. Maybe, like youself, the other people have also been busy.
    Also, I have been in your place. Actually, I am right there. However, contrary to you, I don’t write that good, so traffic is something I have come to realize won’t be much. While that comment-upliftment you were talking about, that doesn’t seem to have happened. And look where I ended up – I haven’t written a post in ages.
    Having said that, blogs these days work on the barter system and reading each other blogs and leaving comments is one way of doing that. So, there’s that.
    Anyhow, keep writing your amazing poetry. Take Care. 🙂

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  16. Please don’t give up on blogging, WP and writing. A few suggestions would be, post uplifting quotes with short comments by you. Reblog poems you’ve read and loved. Write Haiku or Elfchens, they are short and fun to write. Take Jo Hawks Writing Daily Challenge. It has reallly helped me to write something everyday – even if it’s just a sentence! Remember you only fail when you give up!

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  17. Devika, Needless to say, that your poems are soul-stirring and bring joy to my soul. I may not read your poems daily but I make it a point to read them with all my heart and when I have ample time on my hands. Cause I don’t want to rush read them and lose their beauty in a fleeting read. Now I know we all care about stats one way or other and they matter to us little or more. My stats have also gone down since I have started publishing more than writing poems based on the prompts. But I know I can only do so much. So cheer up my favorite poetess and get ready to churn out another timeless beauty. Love and hugs, Megha

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    1. Actually, there are so many other things so true. We can write only on limited platforms, there are so many other submissions pending for me. And at times it just gets on my nerves. So yeah now m okay with it. Can’t please all!

      More power to you.


      1. Trust and believe me….

        All of your words are like… how can I put it?

        there like hieroglyphics that you have to piece together…

        but in a easier way of course…

        it’s the type of art that you have to read over and you want to read over…

        and adictive…

        and I just honestly…

        just show my support to some poets by liking…

        but with you its like damnnnnn….

        how can I not…

        I can go all day trying to discribe…

        but I don’t have rocket fingers… 😂

        please just keep writing!✌

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  18. When I decided to read my fellow followers blogs after a long time I choose you because be it’s in Instagram or in here I always look forward for your words and poems….don’t be in a dampened mood it’ll rise again…

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  19. Your poetry is life-changing to me, like I always say. You’re a fearless writer Devika & that’s what makes you my favorite! I haven’t been as active on WP as I’d like to be lately & I hope I can get back here soon :3 Nevertheless keep writing & take necessary breaks whenever you feel the need to but trust me, you don’t lack anything. You’re so full of poetry that it amazes me tbh! There are days when I lack inspiration & that’s when I read your work and it always pushes me in the right direction.

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