Introducing New Blood Into Ink Curator Devika Mathur: A breakfast of memory

Taking me in as a Curator of this brave magazine is extremely overwhelming to me.
Thank you Christine.

Blood Into Ink

Devika 1

Sky tripping oranges and bars of star-dust

falling in our frolic skirts.

My sister, I conjured the sustenance of despair and morality

with your apple pie and the almond milk shake.

I churned your spotted skin into my minty breaths

making our bodies glow in the collision of the moon.

I heard mama cry and my cat frowning on the neighbours

when my back was scratched and segmented into tiny fragments.

I remember we did not eat our Dosa or any other fancy dinner for multitudinous days

oh, my sister a week passed by in disconsolate tanned knots of your memory.

And I am still a shivering, paradox of myth.

Bifurcated, haunted.

Devika resides in India and apart from educating English she enjoys reading and writing anything raw and dark perhaps. A hater of hypocrisy and a staunch believer in love she loves solitude and often dances to express her emotions.
Her work has…

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36 thoughts on “Introducing New Blood Into Ink Curator Devika Mathur: A breakfast of memory

      1. Oh, my, really? I don’t think my writings are that great, really. I am totally blushing here and you are so lovely 🙂 ❤ Thank you!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Поздравляю тебя с новой должностью! 🙂
    А хорошо, что у девушки из Индии есть возможность писать, и что мы видим ее творчество.

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  2. Gerat write
    it leaves me falling through space
    throwing my taste buds off the rails
    i love the word “conjured”
    it always makes me think of witchcraft
    and ghosts
    also leaves me wondering what happened to her sister?
    if shes gone for good or simply away for a time.
    splendid poem.
    well penned


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