Pink evenings and low days

The bars are white soapy mouth The sky is an unforgettable moment. I take out my paper and mention my gratitude list- I mention         breath onion       Ketchup broccoli      Sylvia rosemary       Pauses   The sun kisses my toes by the daytime slushing, suitcases and winter games. I write too many sad poems, I know. I write too… Continue reading Pink evenings and low days

The white haze

They talk about everything so coarse and grainy- but not my mouth, empty and cold. Lukewarm particles of mother’s voice floating White/ blue/ grey-  I see shades of attachment and delirium. Together, through a visceral bone, Skins aglow- white talcum powder all distorted. My dressing table is a desert. A pause. Concrete and blind sun.… Continue reading The white haze

Through the voices.

She is a small islandA voiceless twig to flutterA crecent of moon dropped from beneath- the body is resourcefulspun into a river.Now I am silent as I watch my windowwith angular toes amd facebirds so small and distant, That is that. That is that.Bones awaiting the hours to fly by,And here people like light rays… Continue reading Through the voices.

A cluster of bones

Visceral bonesthrushthrush.Tongue of birdsA cluster of sunshine.Moles of heaviness on my cheeksI have not been sleeping anymore.How can I?I see black moths in my dreamsI am too cood now,Watery tongues,flattened bones of evening.Knock knockA thunder to sip and watch.Gaps are collected on my knuckles.I need R. E. S. T.A rest as blue pregnant sky.

A new poem published

I have a poem published on The Hyderabad Review. Please do let me know if you read it. Many thanks to the beautiful journal. Love Devika

Reading a poem.( How to)

Reading a poem:Chop, turn and locate.Stir the dust and sniff the pageNo, do not gulp right now.Halt and watch the wordsflossing amidst the golden page there, a wire of tangent imageries,a sharp tooth that slurps the painwiping faded things,blossoming into a new Earth-No, do not stop! A word you mis-spelled, just like the rotten limbs… Continue reading Reading a poem.( How to)

How it ends

Flowers come to mind for some reason poppies, cactus in December spaces silted with darkness I didn’t know I liked the Sun Until today      A multi- coloured chart without boundary The day Not quite dawn.    The plain white stare.           I go out for walking somewhere along with my loneliness narrow streams running through decayed… Continue reading How it ends

People like light rays, leave.

People like light rays, leave- Inspired by Sylvia Plath ______________________ Between the ribs, arched, the glow disappears into a surreal thing. A wavy black mirage appears on a crushed paper /  the piquant distance now,     Slipping between the cellulose air of void/  a mayhem of loose threads, a dawn kisses by a hurricane, Will things… Continue reading People like light rays, leave.


Where do I stick flowers now?The empty faces,the mundane eyes. The silhoutte of a dark rivershifting its path across my face,turn by turn; Where do I paint red shades of sunset now?A myth of potpourri,a lake of setting cold nostrils. I pray and repeat my rituals,a soothsayer of my belly now,a tale forgotten.A night of… Continue reading Sunburn


There, beyond the ripples of mouth, lovers sits & communicate, through the sprint in their lashes, flutter of springs. a translucent shadow defies time. for that particular moment. small things begin to dilate. too much convulsions, temperature drop, wrinkled grass land. A grasshoper watches sky detonating. laughters circulating the wobbly afternoon. A visceral face expanding.… Continue reading Streak