a starlight stuck to my mind, to my elongated staircase neck, atom meeting atom. a whirlpool of petals and memories, clasped between my chin, a thin map stitched there. the map of insanity, cities squirming. a doused eye of temperature unstable, this eye, a tenuous, watery limpid eye. it sees autumn, winters and spring like… Continue reading discordance

a thousand reasons

between the lampshade of lips and my porcelain lips i carry your honeycombed shadow like a lust covered body, screaming in rose love i have a reason to lick your face, your breaths in ways flickering Beneath the mole of my chin, a night rests it slithers a square black fit like an earthquake, an… Continue reading a thousand reasons

to defy time

i sit outside in the incensed moon, galloping my swallow droplets of fear, a knuckle breaking knuckle, what’s the fear of this cricket chirping? the modals of life. these hands are burrows of islands, small and large, a heightened hue of black spot. I sit and inhale the ambiguity here, the cracks on the white… Continue reading to defy time


Words. They break me like lightning inside.Slick balls of painted nights,cold, bleak and wounding.The body becomes a range of chemicals.Seizures and paranoia, talking to me.Winter often comes in a runny ink blob,pitcher of milk, black forest.And i sit like bumblebee, mending, sitting, buzzingin my skins of lie and corrosion.A facet of darkness leaks within, like… Continue reading Words

i embraced this pain

untouched by the morning kiss, a throbbing churning exists in the epicentre of tongue, a lust, a toothache starting from my red lips, a reflection of sunset charms this pain is my baby now, spring’s soft song, a hush raindrop patting my cheeks. my two red feet, conducting a juice of ache, my pain of… Continue reading i embraced this pain

Sounds of you

This evening is a slender fireplace burning my wet loss of losing you a loss is a numb attack until felt and so i see hums, bells sliding between out cheese skins, mellow at the bottom, i am a dream of a lavender, matchsticks burning curtains of you, slowly slowly you meltdown from the Alps,… Continue reading Sounds of you


fears, apparitions all in the fist of sun drunk like Orange ghost I sip a string of velvet curtain palpable strings of night i take the atmosphere home, Autumn breaking down, in need of denouement a phase of psychosis- what does a star desire? Hope, freedom or a song to sing itself. ®MVS

Leakage/ people & us

it is surreptitious how words rain during seasons of pain nectar of firmaments, rising and deluging into loops of despair it’s the process of leakage walking like a cool breeze. Cold, distilled swollen branches humming/ leaking/ inside/ outside/ open your mouth and it’s empty hollows of ankle melting, people leak like a morose sigh a… Continue reading Leakage/ people & us

Things swallow space/time

i am made of paper lines, bisecting and colliding like a scavenger Pieces of fire fill my mouth, my mouth of caves and thunder. unabashedly walking like circles of planes, fixed dots often scamper my periphery, holding the deluge of love holding a river of memories. Everything swallows itself- time / people / deaths /… Continue reading Things swallow space/time

The way it slips

Life bleeds with vacuum and spaces, backwards, a concave slope mouths of thickening slurps. it confesses its leakage each day, puncturing my navel a forgotten momentum of involuted threads of rising and falling. Life, bleeds and bleeds. a copious bruise of camouflage. ©image and words- Devika Mathur/MVS

Shut down

I find no motivation here, things are abrupt. My writings have ruined I feel. Call it a writer’s block or whatever the fuck, I just don’t feel like writing and my creativity has been literally coiled in loops now. I might close by blog, I might not. But surely I know, no one cares! Peace… Continue reading Shut down


That’s life. Run among the Autumn leaves. Run among your cascading bruises. The skin that is swollen now, the eyes which are full of jaundice, even if fingernails fall. Run. Beneath the tree, under the valley, rub your scars, screech, shout, rub your scars again till you faint , naked facing the mirror of life.… Continue reading Circle

Eyes of Words

No, I don’t write to cherish your cotton melodies. An orange boy sleeps as I write and decorate my pages with mannequins of moist thoughts. There is a broken periphery as my words, letters unfurl the unsaid. The corrosion of tanned face, the bleeding of fingers onto this sheet that absorbs my coconut ink, seems… Continue reading Eyes of Words

Still Surviving

If you ask how am I today, I might tell you— Darkness growling like the dead, a sad weed or a burned tree. My fingers ache each day to feel the autumn on fire. Like mordacious nails, scratching the inside of my conjured mind. I know, you might feel nothing. Speechless? Oh, pluck my skin,… Continue reading Still Surviving

Poetry and Ink.

No, it did not start with the extraction of bones and marrow. Neither, there was an epiphany. I pluck my eyebrow with a sharp pencil, to check the skin underneath. A bizarre. Mockery of a round square pats my naked back, yelling I have something inside my earlobe too. So, I prick my navel and… Continue reading Poetry and Ink.


I eat the brevity of moments piece by piece in irregular, circular motions like the daunts of rain the daunts of greys with cerulean eye- dots. These limbs are an array of woollen mouths fragmented and ruffled, in the moments of despair in the moments of sunsets. I conjure and swallow all that occurred here,… Continue reading Moments