Things I like to do

“this is the easy time, there is nothing doing”- Sylvia Plath Cherries and quieter moments basking in the volatile spur of the moment and there I sit and gulp your madness your cold, hot waxy madness. I wonder, how you eat my skin in the noon, with a cheek of sublime apple, water ripple flushing… Continue reading Things I like to do

This winter

i have lived a thousands lives, yet this winter is like a moth. it has eaten me up, from my toenail to my collarbone. now i am naked. skin in pieces. this winter, shallow waters of broken promise. this winter, a conch doused in anaemic water. i am no human today. i weep like my… Continue reading This winter

a thing about winters

the nights during winter are bizarre, you see everything naked, the whirring sound as a backdrop of things never seen, the morbid, lifeless bed sheets screaming your voice hidden beneath, the broken knob from my gas stove, still clicking. yellow segments coming off from my wall, and i hear it all, like never before a… Continue reading a thing about winters