Salt water mixed with air

My squinting eyes evolve and illuminate the seeds and seedlings of us. Germination and hibernation. It’s stillness spinning on my cracking bones and lips. Thunders push forward my footprints, marking sand and sand-dunes of time like a canopy or translucent umbrella of opaque dreams. It’s treacherous. Banal and vixen kisses to tell you. The door-knobsContinue reading “Salt water mixed with air”

A Madhouse

The sound of water almost uncanny, A plastic bag bloats and floats like a memory of thoughts piled and halved beneath, my sagging skin of skins. The room is a liquid gel with my thoughts arrested, sleek and colourful. Water Ripples my thoughts bifurcate further With tunes of melancholy and cascading mystical languages. It’s supernatural.Continue reading “A Madhouse”