This orange leaf splinters further, reflecting your beautiful naked skin to me. In the pool of stars, I feel the icicles of chills Spreading onto your neck, spreading onto your lips. I count breaths between your lips and my moist temple-like mouth Engulfing charisma of your liquid veins, I stand still to weave a knotContinue reading “Together”


    This syndrome I carry, Seraphic, a butterfly in cocoon churlish eyesight, colliding with your wounds. I will sew your pain Believe me, for I am the traveller of scars, I will kiss your moonlit tears and the paths it travelled, I am an archaic smell of vintage champagne. I shall regenerate always, IContinue reading “Together”

Coltish Home

    My wax finger slithers across your extolling caricature In the Elan black eyes you carry, sun-baked secrets. Like the winter chills and pepper on thighs cascading in the solitaire eyes of the mountain, I see your lips Your smooth, divine lips uttering the catastrophic formulation Like obeisance of your footsteps in the haze ofContinue reading “Coltish Home”


      Fumes of twilight shout your name adorned in gracious pastel fields of paddy Aroma and lanterns of your touch conjure the magic in this cool breeze making my inner shades all yours, My teeth clasping your skin, like the raindrops romancing with the earth. Inexplicable, beddable for you. ©My Valiant Soul

Pastel-Dreamy love

  like colours of star-dust, with pastels shade, devouring my deleterious thoughts or the beatific sparkle in petals of morning sunflower you paint me with the bottle of red wine, the colours splashing on my skin, on my waist till the moonlit drops on my lips, drinking the mystical sweet nectar cracking my nights toContinue reading “Pastel-Dreamy love”

Periphery of us.

The pond of breezy footsteps, The eye of solitude kiss knitted from the colours of pinkish sun, The ripples of love making in the caress of my hair, The dusk jotting down the sidewalk with your colourful shadow Like the blue vintage chair adorned, safe. You kissed the demons from the whites of my eye,Continue reading “Periphery of us.”