Mirror of molten eye

Lets cut your molten mirror eye the pain of anguish and beauty. Paper crux. Purgation and names Chalice of age, A timeline. A loophole. Eutrophication of breaths. Missing smiles of Ganges. A longitudinal filth. Memories of a cactus walk. A deluge. You have the eye to smirk bodies floating like ghosts you splinter the seedContinue reading “Mirror of molten eye”

Leakage/ people & us

it is surreptitious how words rain during seasons of pain nectar of firmaments, rising and deluging into loops of despair it’s the process of leakage walking like a cool breeze. Cold, distilled swollen branches humming/ leaking/ inside/ outside/ open your mouth and it’s empty hollows of ankle melting, people leak like a morose sigh aContinue reading “Leakage/ people & us”

Things swallow space/time

i am made of paper lines, bisecting and colliding like a scavenger Pieces of fire fill my mouth, my mouth of caves and thunder. unabashedly walking like circles of planes, fixed dots often scamper my periphery, holding the deluge of love holding a river of memories. Everything swallows itself- time / people / deaths /Continue reading “Things swallow space/time”

The way it slips

Life bleeds with vacuum and spaces, backwards, a concave slope mouths of thickening slurps. it confesses its leakage each day, puncturing my navel a forgotten momentum of involuted threads of rising and falling. Life, bleeds and bleeds. a copious bruise of camouflage. ©image and words- Devika Mathur/MVS


I eat the brevity of moments piece by piece in irregular, circular motions like the daunts of rain the daunts of greys with cerulean eye- dots. These limbs are an array of woollen mouths fragmented and ruffled, in the moments of despair in the moments of sunsets. I conjure and swallow all that occurred here,Continue reading “Moments”


I sit here absorbing my own vault tears, sobbing the dirt that was under my blanket. Moist blankets and roses crawl like an uncanny mist all over my face and crack me here on my nostrils, on my thighs that now lie like a drunk teenager amidst the forbidden land, a forest. Earlier this morning,Continue reading “Time”

This Moment

  I will explain the inaudible question today, The nerves of my brain, poke the inners of black skin, Time is boundless, the clock stares my power, Like the drunk stare of a beggar, This memory shall fade, this body shall become liquid, what shall remain is my shadow of beauty, I ponder the fidelity,Continue reading “This Moment”

Time is Me

Needles in my mouth, poking the sustenance of time with a swab of cotton dipped in grey pause A pause from the rigorous living and the dead, beyond the veil, a harmony exists, a topology of Stardust covering my naked breast. A musical building devouring me with lust sprinkling some on the nape of myContinue reading “Time is Me”

Newborn Me

  Time: An acerbic motionless protest cling to my feet, abstruse it lies on my face disguised as the murky hair-strand, defining today’s black solitude whiffing tomorrow’s grey death. Friable snippets of my today’s sorrow still exist, lying on my wet sheet of the chopped pillow as the translucent water drops on my oak tree,Continue reading “Newborn Me”