The Way I Do It.

My Phospherent body of raisin skin moans and swells like a process of Spirituality with fingers clinging your mouth, your scars, your lips, your teeth and your heart of surrealistic reverie. I become a thunderbolt, in the opulent windows of dreams and smiles wearing your white shirt, I swing. I swing like an autumn leaf,Continue reading “The Way I Do It.”

To my Virginia

“Her heart was made of liquid sunsets”- Virginia Woolf So, this is how it starts, backwards and forwards A canopy of fire dwindling in the mercury stars of ocean Routing the past weeds and merciless eyes Imbroglio thunders often attacked me, I threw fits and seizure on these wooden floors on the horizons of yourContinue reading “To my Virginia”


How many cuts does it take for a tree to heal? Beneath the dark trunk of the Cedar tree, memories and lives are buried Above that same tree, premonitions of death and twitches exist Symphony along with words is music like soft poppies dancing in circles on my bulky breasts, (dripping sound of sweat, wax)Continue reading “Denouement”

As we Sink

i have watched you swallowing my winter talks and gripping my crooked breaths I become an empty air in my body surviving for your arms and tongue the weeds that grow inside our bellies, something divine occurs like doves and pigeons, we flap and nurture my red nail paint chips and get dissolves into yourContinue reading “As we Sink”