cold room

“That stale air you think of is heaviness surrounding the numb teeth.” It’s dark, It’s the night. we slumber with mouths open trying to please. trying to pick lotus with our heavy lips. I stare into this earth which holds me like a baby, and then the flashback of pills and heartaches. that moment ofContinue reading “cold room”

The way- I am

do you remember the blues penetrating my veins of penumbra stoic sheets? your cutting voice of thunder like a thorn poking my chiselled neck & colour my white skin turning weird a stinking smell of appearance & a missing map between cities. cities of loss, cities of despair. And i danced in the hollows ofContinue reading “The way- I am”

Cease and breathe

Cease and breathe the essence dripping, red like bird’s paw emulsifying, You are the spot, crooked and tangerine So how do you mark your sins? •••• Cease and count your curves, red, pink and blues your honey-dripping eyes, facepalmed voice, mirrors bustling. ••• Stand stagnant, dip into memories you are a flower seed A bansheeContinue reading “Cease and breathe”


I am a shallow bone of desires burning in my own rivalry among galaxies. Vinegar-faced my legs drool on my mouth, Everything is opposite here. When the earth rains and the sky listens, the precise water-droplets of mercury, churns my anxiety. Where my war is my peace. the hallucinations are my paradise, poking my raisinContinue reading “Sustenance”

Yellow Segments

I have detached my cellophane dreams with your cold shiverings Sustenance to moments invite a vaporizing acceptance My breaths carve my bones as I count the stars, Hopes can be delusional, hope can be aimless. It only moulds the opening of my bosom where a stack of anti-oxidant hid. The penumbra of opaque sunrays neverContinue reading “Yellow Segments”


    Romancing with winter involves more than seduction to its frosty night. There is a pit darker inside the walls of a colossal ball of shadow. A shadow where skins of lost soul bloom. A pool of infinite kisses. The chills of silent lustrous night expand in the most imposing manner, like the feathersContinue reading “As-I-Worship-Winter”