Music of pain

a voice is creating a map inside breaking my legs, my arms into the eye of nothingness i see nothing. i feel nothing. my lids are dropping day by day i considered rescuing poetry, the pale fonts, tampered words and it ate me, slurping mouths, Vermillion floating mirrors, stuck to my lips and cracking theContinue reading “Music of pain”

See- through -this- mind

I tried closing my pale eyes, like a water-chestnut dipped in currents and oceans to put some relief on my maniacal themes, running like a sleep- walker. I converge, and dilate like music of light to imbue the monotonous sickening truth of your eyes. The sickening and sickening and sickening spit of your mouth. IContinue reading “See- through -this- mind”

Madhouse- body

Your belligerent electric eyes of swamps and tea bags like vapours & death picking my hair strands to dissect me further, oh you, mouth of monster & shadow of half-naked moon. i lie on my bed & count my reverse motionless screams, words, screams here in this room of death & poetry. chapters of skinContinue reading “Madhouse- body”

As a mind bleeds

You would bleed mentally, axis by axis to know my aching cheeks and lips. they do not flutter, engulfed in smokes my mouth, volatile and dark i am a pattern of transition disgusted each day, separation of tongues divides these breasts once supple, i am a sliced burning moon only diced further, till i dismantleContinue reading “As a mind bleeds”