Between your dewy lips and wet time I see clocks of white hills humming skins, throbbing breaths pure, symmetrical breaths. Inside the tempestuous wilderness of your eyelids and thumbnail A reflection of paradise exists. Once again, the frozen earth erupts now holding chills, heat and rains all inside sulking the primordial fights and blossoming tiny… Continue reading Entrance

Into You.

I ate you like the black spot of the moon splitting the silence and dissolving the quietness in the peaches and apples, I asked your thorn too with an ebb blooming onto my eyelid softness cracks, butter lips Jupiter, Mars dancing I ate you still, coating myself with wax I see you behind the slick… Continue reading Into You.

As we Sink

i have watched you swallowing my winter talks and gripping my crooked breaths I become an empty air in my body surviving for your arms and tongue the weeds that grow inside our bellies, something divine occurs like doves and pigeons, we flap and nurture my red nail paint chips and get dissolves into your… Continue reading As we Sink

Sacred Earth

 Like a distinctive shine, my heart palpitates for your convex smile, the dewy lips romancing with a shooting star, the prodigious forest inside my body receives a gust of fragrance, your beatific touch that glitters my waistline, oh, my man! Between lips and parched lips, resides a mystical cacophony yarning a crown of butterflies to… Continue reading Sacred Earth

All I crave

    It’s like crawling slowly and steadily on my skin, my cold skill refuses that baked slice of lemon to provide composure, oh, the moon, show me your silver beam in this sunny gold pyramid. It’s something like a blatant truth now suffocating my inside organs. Clenching my unsaid words, devouring my amorphous fidelity… Continue reading All I crave