If I could- a poem from my book ‘Crimson Skins’

If I couldI would elope with my insanitywith a lavender bud blooming insidemy cheek.I write mad thingsdrawing the turbid face of a blue ladyas if she has no blood vessels.Breathless.Slow.Melting.Twirling in my skirt skirts,twirling along the locus.My breaths inflate this entire galaxy.like an elastic stuck to the tongue,this tongue that is motionless too.If I could,… Continue reading If I could- a poem from my book ‘Crimson Skins’

Tales from the dark

the nights shift incessantly between the coiled conversation, about semantics of life the arrival and departure of distilled solitude at a point of growling sleep patterns my words think they are tool to carve to emboss a pain onto the strangers arms about melancholic shifting dreams, the mosiac vintage art my nakedness is a cry… Continue reading Tales from the dark

Let’s Connect

From the longest time I wanted to express my gratitude to all my readers who have showed their continued love and support to my writings. Since a past few months I have not felt the strongest of myself. Especially after my book release. It’s sad to witness people often not cherishing art as it should… Continue reading Let’s Connect