Pointless air-i breathe

what if my entire body is stones and drugs with a sound of silence pieces missing, haywire mercury temperature like a slurp, books in the air. Breaking monotony, scratching my innermost thigh skin and bleeding like the blood of sanguine valley. How many steps do I have to perform? To be lost. to be aContinue reading “Pointless air-i breathe”

When -the -pendulum- strikes

During nights, my body becomes a range of chemicals. The nocturnal nails dip in the swamp of black thoughts. My windowsill evaporates, fumes of my detailed miseries. It’s not saddening what my mind does to my hand and arms. My hair bun, all soaked in summer sweat, dripping anxiety like forlorn tales of missing citiesContinue reading “When -the -pendulum- strikes”

Salt water mixed with air

My squinting eyes evolve and illuminate the seeds and seedlings of us. Germination and hibernation. It’s stillness spinning on my cracking bones and lips. Thunders push forward my footprints, marking sand and sand-dunes of time like a canopy or translucent umbrella of opaque dreams. It’s treacherous. Banal and vixen kisses to tell you. The door-knobsContinue reading “Salt water mixed with air”

Meera and her Ways.

Meera drinks nectar like an inconspicous child. With a bowl dipped in sugar lime soda. She travels around your iris,swallowing apples. All at once. The windowsill fades aways as she drops her clothes on her mosaic, transparent floor. Refraction delivers prejudice. A moist floor. A lady bird walks in an old fashioned way to sipContinue reading “Meera and her Ways.”