A prayer to hope

Cities left like empty vases, soundless minds, a spot once full looks ghastly. Run, run, run to the places unknown hiding beneath the carcass of nature, Sit, observe and run to the places that are quiet now. Learn from the two-fold mystery of God, they do it like a yard spinning. Do not fear, this… Continue reading A prayer to hope

A prayer

a prayer so soft I mumble each time There is a method I perform my chants like sticking to the table, thumping my wrist against my forehead. I wish to sneeze while praying to eject sins, a horror bowl that rests between my toes, twirling softly and eating me bite by bite. My prayers are… Continue reading A prayer

As I Pray

Resolute flames of candle burn on my windowsill catching your white still fierce memory laughing in the atmosphere, Tonight, I rebuke the ashes and the time of Thar to halt, a clock eating another clock somewhere If I slit tomatoes with you, you shall give me memories and formations. For you create footsteps and geometry,… Continue reading As I Pray