This moment explodes into million segments of sunshine and liquor streaming of roses, bullets slaps my tongue, to spit the naked lie. I walk on the fields of white hemisphere where Poetry romances with me, Silence is best experienced in the moments when our body is Old utensils Breaking my knuckles I smirk at thatContinue reading “Silence”

As we Sink

i have watched you swallowing my winter talks and gripping my crooked breaths I become an empty air in my body surviving for your arms and tongue the weeds that grow inside our bellies, something divine occurs like doves and pigeons, we flap and nurture my red nail paint chips and get dissolves into yourContinue reading “As we Sink”

Pink Earth

Dewdrops like sacred groves twirling on my parched lips, with lavender Twinings inside pouring muddle Serenity echo on the surface of once crooked window, the brutality is hidden lost, in the delights of frozen warm apple-pie. A loop of twinkle fields decorate the darkened corners of my throat, my white leg like a partner inContinue reading “Pink Earth”

A place like this

The epitome of peach shaped markings, Defining the extended fields of valour and hope, Drooling in my walnut bones, Mingling in my solitary ebb, Lies inside a place where my mother Wakes me up from a cascading nightmare. To the jubilant staircase of rainbow meadows, To catch an intrepid molecule of a butterfly Then toContinue reading “A place like this”